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Légal Hot Sauce


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This product is available in-store at south congress. You can order for store pickup or have it shipped. Whatever's easiest.

Légal Hot Sauce is created from a multi-generational Brazilian recipe using the magical, Brazilian-grown Malagueta Pepper. Legend has it that the Malagueta pepper was discovered by the Portuguese upon exploring South America in what is now Brazil. The mystical plant has been used for thousands of years by the natives for food and medicinal purposes. It was instrumental in the discovery of gold in Brazil. Wherever explorers found the malagueta growing, gold was soon discovered close by, thus the Malagueta plant became a sign of good luck. The name “Légal” means “cool” in Portuguese and conveys the carefree lifestyle of the Brazilian people coupled with their spice and zest for fun.


Handmade in small batches using only four ingredients - our magical, Brazilian-grown Malagueta Pepper, plus Carrot, Vinegar, and Salt!


Shake well before each use. Légal Hot Sauce is shelf stable, however we recommend refigiration after opening.

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