Let's Work Together

Since our launch in November 2018, we've been fortunate to collaborate with hundreds of the world's top brands, whilst welcoming hundreds of thousands of people into our stores.

Whether you want to adorn the walls and shelves of our stores with your products or artwork, want to launch a restaurant concept using our kitchens, want to make your products available online for same-day delivery and pickup in our spaces, or you want to create a collaborative capsule collection, we want to chat.

What even is Neighborhood Goods?

Neighborhood Goods is a new type of department store, of sorts, featuring an ever-changing landscape of thoughtful, exciting, and contemporary brands in our physical and digital spaces.

We're creating vibrant retail spaces all over the country, featuring an ever-changing, highly curated selection of brands.

So, rather than hosting a pop-up or signing leases or gathering the courage to unironically use the phrase “omnichannel,” you can work with Neighborhood Goods to be featured in exceptionally well-designed and extraordinarily well-located locations, replete with all manner of perks and insights.

The result is a beautiful shopping experience — online and in store — featuring an unbelievable line-up of modern brands, creating a remarkable benefit for both the consumer and our brand partners.

So, it’s like a department store! But also not really at all.
You get it.

Okay, so?

“Acquisition.” “Curation.” “Experience.” We’re hitting all the Retail Jargon Greatest Hits. What does working with Neighborhood Goods entail, specifically?

Physical Space

Dedicated to you or blended alongside others. Whether you have your own stores or you’re online-only or you’re thinking about augmenting your wholesale efforts, the core of our offering is to help you bring your brand into the physical world in an altogether more efficient and thoughtful manner

Our Space

Dedicated to you or blended alongside others. Whether you have your own stores or you’re online-only or you’re thinking about augmenting your wholesale efforts, the core of our offering is to help you bring your brand into the physical world in a more efficient and thoughtful manner.

Leveraging our extraordinary fixtures for each of our stores, it’s easy and inexpensive. Simply ship us your products and we can shoulder the burden from there. And don’t worry. You’ll be in good hands. We have a team comprised of amazing designers and merchandisers, as well as a world-class architectural firm. They’re all here to ensure your brand looks amazing in our stores, regardless of whether you occupy 50 square feet all the way up to 500 square feet. (Or more.)

Physical Presence

Same-day delivery, in-store pickup, and more. Physical presence has a lot of tangential perks for you and your customers that we can unlock. We believe, as you probably do as well, that customers ought to be able to dictate their own terms as to how to shop and receive products.

By partnering with Neighborhood Goods, you not only make yourself available to your customers in a physical space, but you also allow for people to order for same-day delivery, in-store pick-up and curbside, and more. It’s a whole new dimension to complement your marketing and growth efforts.


Our stores are anything but static. Rather than creating a transactional relationship with our visitors, we focus on something more personal. More dignified. More memorable.

As a result, the dwell time for our stores typically approaches 40 minutes. (That’s a lot!) And our repeat purchase behavior is high. If you want to host events, when it’s safe, we’re always keen. We’ve hosted product launches for Serena Williams, conferences with Create & Cultivate, pitch days for JP Morgan, and, of course, dozens and dozens of our own events, too.

Working with us, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with this audience and dabble in new relationships with customers. And you’ll be presented in way that’ll make you proud throughout.


We’ve developed unique restaurant concepts for our stores: Prim and Proper and Tiny Feast. They have loyal audiences of locals who visit us each week, order for on- demand delivery, and more. It helps enhance that sense of community and personal interaction, encouraging people to visit for reasons beyond just transactions. (Which, in turn, yields a lot of value for our brands.)

If you're a brand and you want to collaborate on the menu, let us know. We’ve done it before! But it also means we can host events with drinks for you, whenever you need.

Equally, if you're a restaurant concept or even an individual chef, we're opening our kitchens to be used as ghost kitchens, to host pop-ups, and more. If you're wanting to test a new market, assess your idea, or otherwise, we'd love to chat.

Our Staff

Hiring can be tough. When you’re opening your own store, you’ll not only have to find the right people, but, if you’re new to the world of retail, you’ll have to think through policy and procedure to support
such an endeavor.

Working with us, however, you gain access to an exceptional team in each of our locations. We pay more than typical and provide unique perks and benefits. And they’re trained to become experts on your brand.

Initially, we train a small number of the team to become subject-matter experts. (You’re welcome to come along!) We then work to ensure, within a couple of weeks of launch, that everyone is cross-trained. The result is that you can shop across brands, new and old, and have a fantastic, cohesive experience throughout.

Put more succinctly: You get a lot of things!

You gain access to rare real estate, an ideal demographic of engaged customers, exceptional staff, beautiful stores and fixtures, and phenomenal brand adjacency.

Beyond that, there’s also a lot of technology and digital opportunity to explore.

How does it work?

Okay. So. You’re interested. You want to host an activation at Neighborhood Goods. But how will it perform? How much will it cost? Who will show up?


The Commons: We launched The Commons in 2020 to provide virtually free space to brands hard-hit by COVID-19. It was a great success and we intend to bring back this entry tier on a seasonal basis to support local brands.

Regardless of tier, the economics broadly function in a similar manner: we mostly ask for a fixed fee and a small percentage of sales. The amounts are distinct from one brand to the next, as we have highly individualized relationships.

Tier 1: You get reporting and monthly check-ins with your account manager. You'll be included in social, marketing, and PR efforts, lightly. You likely won't have your own devoted in-store space, but you'd be thoughtfully merchandised, regardless.)

Tier 2: Similar to Tier 1, but you get weekly reporting, more granular visual customization, and more marketing, PR, and communications inclusion.

Tier 3: Weekly check-ins with a dedicated account manager, bespoke design, distinct/standalone space in-store, and inclusion in most of our marketing efforts.

Tier 4: All the perks. Distinct space. A devoted team member to help with your efforts on a daily basis. Inclusion in our paid media. Bespoke design. And more.


Real-time analytics, alongside expert analysis by our team

For our Tier 3 or 4 brands, we provide real-time data and analytics. You simply login to our brand dashboard, where you can run reports on your top sellers, review historical data, export information, and see anecdotal feedback from our stores.

That raw data is complemented by analysis and anecdotal feedback from our team, which is sent to all brands on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on their Tier.


Online, iOS, and in-store

You're on our website right now! We also sell here, as well as featuring beautiful informational pages for all of our active brands.

You'll also have all of this information in our app, which allows for customers to leverage their location to have product brought right to them in-store.

Paid Media: We are investing in paid media to drive business for all of us. Up top we assure you that we will not cannibalize your advertising or search terms. If you want to collaborate on spend, let us know. We're open to experiments to lower your costs.

PR: We work with a phenomenal PR firm, in addition to developing our own local relationships. As a result, we had 3,291,643,570 media impressions in 2019.

Social, Email, Traffic: Our locations receive tens of thousands of visits per month. Our repeat purchase is also high, while dwell time often extends as long as 40 minutes. We're also active on email and all major social channels promoting our brands as well.

Events: In 2019, we hosted 2-3 events per week - conferences, workshops, product launches, and more. In 2020, given the environment, we hosted fewer in-person but did plenty online.

Editorial: We are producing 3-5 organic editorial articles per week, as well as developing our own print publication, podcast, and more.


Our eponymous private line has been doing disproportionately well since its launch in December 2019. And it’s paving the way toward unique collaborations and exclusives.

In 2020 and 2021, we have one-offs in the pipeline with all manner of brands, from major international names to local artists and streetwear brands.

If you want something special and unique to Neighborhood Goods, let’s talk about it.

Next Steps

Understanding your goals

We’ll want to hear a little more about your goals. Depending on category, audience, and the like, we’ll make some recommendations on location and tier. Regardless, you can rest assured our priority will be a fair and equitable relationship that sets you up for success.

What are we looking for?

We say “no” far more than we say “yes.” It’s not contingent on how much funding you have or how many people follow you on Instagram, but on your willingness and inclination to do something interesting and collaborative with us.

What's the process from here?

Chat with our team about your goals and your brand. Once we agree, we’ll draft a non-binding term sheet. Once that’s agreed, we work through a short legal document to formalize the partnership. It’s got fair exit clauses and it’s not too long. Simple.

Pretty Good Right? Let's work together.