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Earn perks when you shop.

Create a Neighborhood Perks account (it's free!) and you'll start earning whenever you shop. Use your Perks to purchase goods and gain access to exclusive offers, like free shipping, gifts, discounts, and more.

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Here's the deal.

$1 spent = 5 perks

Every dollar you spend gets you 5 Perks.

Earn more perks, easy

Easily earn Perks for referring a friend or following us on Instagram.

500 perks = $5 credit

Once you reach 500 Perks, you'll get a $5 perks credit to redeem.

Get your perks worth.

To redeem your Perks in-store, just tell a team member when you're checking out. If you're shopping online, just make sure you're logged into your Neighborhood Goods account.

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The more you earn, the better the perks get.

Check out the access you get based on your tier.


Sign up and start earning perks to get:

  • 10% off your first purchase.
  • A free coffee at Prim and Proper after your first purchase.
  • 500 Perks on your birthday each year.

Once you've earned 2,500 perks, you'll get access to:

  • 15% off your next purchase.
  • A monthly free coffee at Prim and Proper.
  • Free gift wrapping on all purchases.
  • Free domestic shipping, always.
  • Discounted tickets and priority RSVP access to exclusive events.

Reach 5,000 perks and you'll also get all of this:

  • 20% off your next purchase.
  • A gift from us.
  • Early access to our custom collaborations and limited-edition drops.
  • Free access to exclusive events.
  • Personal access to our team for support.
  • After hours shopping appointments upon request.

What else?

How do I join?

Head here to create an account. All you'll need to provide is your email address, first and last name, and your birthday.

How do I earn Perks?

Make a purchase online and ensure you're logged into your account. If you're shopping in-store, tell a team member that you're a Neighborhood Perks member at checkout.

I've only shopped in-store. How do I setup my account and get credit for my store purchases?

Good question! If you've used your email address to receive receipts in store, you're in luck. Simply register a new account using the same email address and your order history ought to populate automatically!

How do I view my Perks balance?

You can view your Perks balance here.

What's the Perks to dollars calculation?

500 Perks = $5 USD.

How do I redeem my Perks?

If you're logged in online, you'll see a spot to redeem Perks during checkout. In store, just ask the store associates to redeem your Perks during checkout.

How long do my Perks last?

They expire after 12 months.

I just recently made a purchase. Does that count toward my Perks balance?

Yes. If you've made a purchase since August 31, 2020, we will retroactively add those perks to your account once it's setup. (As long as you're using the same email address. If not, you can drop us an email and we can get it all sorted.)

Do my purchases at Prim and Proper or Tiny Feast count towards my Perk balance?

Not at this time. But you will receive offers for Prim and Proper and Tiny Feast as a Perks member!

Is there a limit to how many Perks I can earn?

There's no limit.

What happens to my Perks if I return my order?

Perks will only count for purchases that are not returned/refunded. Additionally, Perks obtained from a returned transaction will not be counted towards your tier placement.

What happens if I return a purchase that was made with a reward?

If you redeem a reward on a purchase, and then later return the purchase, the redeemed reward will not automatically be credited back to your Perks account. (But reach out via Support! We'll see what we can do.)

I have more questions!

We're here to help! Please send us an email.

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