The Pop Pacifier - 2 pack-Doddle & Co

The Tot

Doddle & Co. is two moms, Nicki and Janna, who started their business on two different continents from two different cities: New York and Seoul. From the beginning, their goal has been simple; to bring products that make day-to-day realities of parenting easier. Using their award-winning backgrounds in Marketing and Industrial Design, Doddle & Co. was created to make the world of parenting easier with their unique products.

Made from 100% silicone, every time this pacifier falls, the nipple pops back into its built-in protective silicone bubble. No need for a case! The safe and intuitive design mimics the natural teat with a gentle pop. With a gentle push from a parent the nipple is slightly exposed and there’s no need to pop it any further, your baby’s suckling will keep it in place. Then when baby masters motor skills, they can put it in their mouth themselves!