The Residency is a dedicated space within our store where you’ll find a thoughtfully curated collection of goods across a wide range of product lines, from coffee beans to throws, from kitchenware to pillows. Rather than follow a specific theme, The Residency brings together the products we love, but a common thread you’ll find is that many of the goods here are actually integrated into our store. This is where you can buy the frying pans used in Prim and Proper’s Kitchen, and the trash cans used in our bathrooms, plus a selection of our own, Neighborhood Goods-branded swag.

Shop the Collection

$26 Year & Day All Day & Night Dip Dishes
$165 Rob Wilson Art Crate Training
$165 Rob Wilson Art Bibliophile
$165 Rob Wilson Art Tempest
$165 Rob Wilson Art Happy Pills
$165 Rob Wilson Art Magnolias
$165 Rob Wilson Art Stars and Street
$165 Rob Wilson Art Silverlake