Mansour Marrakech
$18 L'or de Seraphine Mansour Marrakech
Bolt Bite
$22 Wild One Bolt Bite
Train 1/2 Zip
$88 Hill City Train 1/2 Zip
The Point - Flame
$145 Rothy’s The Point - Flame
Soul Sister Birthday
$5 Good Juju Ink Soul Sister Birthday
Dallas Candle
$29.95 Homesick Dallas Candle
Television Perfect Hair Shampoo
$15 R+Co Television Perfect Hair Shampoo
Dallas Biotin Thickening Conditioner
$14 R+Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Conditioner
Balloon Dry Volume Spray
$18 R+Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray
$32 Boy Smells ASH
The Chelsea - Wildcat
$145 Rothy’s The Chelsea - Wildcat
$32 Boy Smells LES
Hydrating Body Cleanser - Amber & Lavender
$7.50 Dollar Shave Club Hydrating Body Cleanser - Amber & Lavender
$32 Boy Smells CEDAR STACK
Blueprint 203
$50 Dollar Shave Club Blueprint 203
Blueboon Coffee
$18 Sightglass Coffee Blueboon Coffee
Loving You
$5 Good Juju Ink Loving You
Library Candle
$29.95 Homesick Library Candle
Deodorant - White Tea
$12 Curie Deodorant - White Tea
8'' X-Purpose Short
$58 Hill City 8'' X-Purpose Short
Worth the Therapy
$5 Good Juju Ink Worth the Therapy
$29 Skylar Meadow
Dallas Thickening Spray
$12 R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray
$29 Skylar Coral
Catch:1 - Black
$80 Courant Catch:1 - Black
2-IN-1 Face & Body Wash
$6 Dollar Shave Club 2-IN-1 Face & Body Wash
Hydrating Daily Face Wash
$5 Dollar Shave Club Hydrating Daily Face Wash
The Tailored Coat
$400 The Curated The Tailored Coat
New Jersey Candle
$29.95 Homesick New Jersey Candle
Hanukkah Candle
$29.95 Homesick Hanukkah Candle
Collar - Small
$45 Wild One Collar - Small
$29 Skylar Arrow
Let's French
$5 Good Juju Ink Let's French
Hairy Sink
$5 Good Juju Ink Hairy Sink
Long Island Candle
$29.95 Homesick Long Island Candle
Depths of My Heart
$5 Good Juju Ink Depths of My Heart
$18 L'or de Seraphine Belvedere
You're Doing Great
$5 Good Juju Ink You're Doing Great
Television Perfect Hair Conditioner
$16 R+Co Television Perfect Hair Conditioner
Tennis Balls
$10 Wild One Tennis Balls
Outerspace Flexible Hairspray
$18 R+Co Outerspace Flexible Hairspray
FR/18 Parfum 100ml
$95 A.N Other FR/18 Parfum 100ml
$89 CADDIS D28
$18 L'or de Seraphine Whitby
Blueprint 201
$50 Dollar Shave Club Blueprint 201