Made for the creative adventurer, Skagen isn't afraid to play in color.

Inspired by a danish coastal town of the same name, Skagen strives to find brightness in the ordinary with purposefully designed, vibrant products and a redefined modern style. For over 30 years, Denmark has been the source of Danish style and culture—now, more than ever. From the coastlines of Skagen city to the architecture and celebrated fashion scene of Copenhagen, Denmark embodies a special kind of energy: modern, playful, and in the moment—with an appreciation for nature and the wild world around us. 

We can't wait for you to discover this fun Fossil family brand.

Here Until

November 30, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX

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$95 Skagen AAREN KULOR - 41mm - YLW, GRN, PURP
$95 Skagen AAREN KULOR - 41mm - YLW, ORG, PURP
$95 Skagen Aaren Kulor - 41mm - Red
$95 Skagen AAREN KULOR - 41mm - Yellow
$95 Skagen AAREN KULOR - 41mm - White
$95 Skagen AAREN KULOR - 41mm - Green
$95 Skagen AAREN KULOR - 41mm - Black