In case you’re wondering, it is 100% acceptable to talk to your trash can. Sure, things can get a little weird when your household appliances start having existential crises (has anyone seen that episode of Red Dwarf with the toaster?), but when we say “smart”, simplehuman’s bins have a refreshingly limited vocabulary.

Of course, their trash can is just one product. From soap pumps to shower caddies, bag dispensers to touch-controlled mirrors, there isn’t a household product simplehuman haven’t made… er… simpler. And that’s why we’ve integrated them throughout our first Neighborhood Goods site in Plano.

So if you’re shopping alone and missing your friends, don’t worry — there’s probably a trash can nearby.

Here Until

October 31, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX

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$130 simplehuman 45 litre Rectangular Step Can
$160 simplehuman 58 Litre Dual Compartment Step Can
$200 simplehuman 58 Litre Rectangular Sensor Can with Voice and Motion Control
$80 simplehuman Foam Sensor Pump
$200 simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror with Touch-Control
$300 simplehuman 8" Sensor Mirror Trio
$100 simplehuman Sensor Mirror Compact