We serve coffee roasted by San Francisco’s Sightglass Coffee exclusively at Prim and Proper, and we also sell bags of beans in the Neighborhood Goods store that you can take home.

The folks at Sightglass practice small production methods that allow them to scrutinize and perfect their processes. Attaining a perfect roast is an intuition, a smell, a sound, a slight change in color — it’s about careful attention to detail that comes through in every cup. And it’s from that viewing window on their vintage PROBAT coffee roaster — the ‘sight glass’ that exposes the complex and delicate process of roasting coffee.

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November 17, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX

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$17.75 Sightglass Coffee Crown Point Espresso
$18 Sightglass Coffee Blueboon Coffee
$20.5 Sightglass Coffee Nueva Esperanza, David Muñoz Coffee
$22 Sightglass Coffee Hunky Dory Decaf Coffee