Here Until

December 31, 2018

Legacy West, Plano TX

While most celebrities are content to lend their names to fashion brands with little or no connection to the finished product, über-sportswoman Serena Williams happens to be a bona fide fashion professional, having originally trained as a designer at college before putting those plans on hold to do that whole tennis thing.

After a few big-name collaborations, Serena decided to return to her roots, deep dive back into designing, pattern cutting, and sewing, and build a small but dedicated team to launch her own brand — one with which she could finally express her full creativity. With it, she’s proven that it’s possible to have two all-encompassing passions in life, and, as it happens, be pretty damn successful at both.

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$52 Serena Watercolor Print T-Shirt
$60 Serena Be Seen Be Heard Sweatshirt
$50 Serena Zebra T-Shirt
$70 Serena 2 in 1 Faux Furry Fanny Pack x Body Bag