Essential pieces with impeccable fit. Neither precious nor overly casual, Ron Dorff concerns itself with beyond­ basics: perfect pieces with an athletic heritage that perform flawlessly whether worn at the gym, at home or in the street.

Born out of the partnership of Jérôme Touron, a Frenchman, and Claus Lindorff, a Swede, Ron Dorff — a simple elision of their two last names — is the outcome of their combined origins. Aligning Swedish functionality with classic French style, Ron Dorff is a new idea of sportswear: smart, modern and sharp.

Ron Dorff’s motto is also its philosophy: “Discipline is not a dirty word” whether at the gym or in life in general.

Here Until

October 31, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX

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$135 Ron Dorff Sweatshirt Discipline
$175 Ron Dorff Sweatshirt Drawstring
$37.5 Ron Dorff T-Shirt City Boy
$65 Ron Dorff T-Shirt Discipline
$45 Ron Dorff T-Shirt Both Ways
$70 Ron Dorff T-Shirt Eyelet Edition
$145 Ron Dorff Jogging Trousers
$111 Ron Dorff Urban Pants