You might’ve noticed a common theme at Neighborhood Goods: we really like folks who get the simple things right. Because if you can’t get those right, then how can you do the fancy stuff? When it comes to kids, anything that makes life easier is a blessing.

“Our goal isn’t to get our kids ready for the runway,” reads Primary’s about page. “It’s to get them out the door.” Yes! That sound you can hear is the collective cheering of a million parents rejoicing in this utterly refreshing and pragmatic approach to children’s fashion. Thank you, Primary, for your bold, one-color, gender-neutral clothing without logos, slogans or sequins.

By the way, almost all of Primary’s items of clothing are under $25. More cheering, please.

Here Until

November 15, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX

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$8 Primary Penguin Plush Toy
$8 Primary The Elephant Wubby Toy
$12 Primary The Long Sleeve PJ Top
$18 Primary The Zip Footie
$20 Primary The Striped Zip Footie
$15 Primary The Long-Sleeve Stripe PJ Top
$12 Primary The PJ Pant
$35 Primary The Stripe PJ Nap Sack