Here’s a question for you: what kind of day are you going to have if you’re not comfortable in your underwear? That presentation you’re meant to give, those drinks after work, that commute home in the heat… The path to success has to start downstairs. And it’s not just about physical comfort, either — being comfortable in yourself is what MeUndies is all about.

You see, buying underwear can be pretty unexciting. Especially for guys. But MeUndies combine that most basic of needs — comfort — with fun, having added some pretty nifty designs to their range. So far, this disruptive brand has sold over seven million pairs of underwear in all 50 states and in 37 countries around the world. Some of these briefs are so nice, maybe they could be worn on the outside.

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June 1, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX