There’s certainly no shortage of brands embracing an eco-friendly, welfare-friendly approach to their products’ creation, and no-one would argue that it’s captured something of the zeitgeist; so much so that there’s a fair degree of “greenwashing” rampant in the beauty industry. But not so with LOLI (“Living Organic Loving Ingredients”) Beauty.

Honestly, we’re not sure we’ve ever talked to a founder who’s so meaningfully invested in Doing The Right Thing (TM) as Tina Hedges.

Taking inspiration from her homeland of Jamaica, where she witnessed the creation of natural remedies as a child, and deciding that her career in beauty so far had taught her everything not to do, Tina decided to create water-free skincare products using food-grade ingredients, environmentally-friendly packaging, and production methods that ensure there are no links to human trafficking or modern-day slavery.

LOLI Beauty’s products will work wonders for your skin and, as you might’ve gathered by now, do no harm to your karma either.

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February 28, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX