Founded to make gardening accessible for everyone — and to see a garden on every patio, balcony, and yard across the country — Gardenuity is now available to see and shop at Neighborhood Goods.

Donna Letier and Julie Eggers launched Gardenuity in hopes to change the way people garden at home and invite others to give it a try by infusing the gardening experience with ingenuity, freshness, and experience through their product.

So how does it work? Well, you pick your custom garden kit (the Cocktail, Herb, and Salad gardens are our favorites), it's delivered to your door, you add your plants, watch them grow, and enjoy your tasty harvest. Plus, you automatically get access to the Gro Pro team, who'll send you weather alerts (time to bring in the lettuce! It's going to be cold tonight...) and gardening tips.

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September 30, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX