No one likes the feeling of being tied up these days, especially when it comes to cords and cables. Transform your bedside table, countertop, or desk into a luxuriously futuristic, wire-free space with Courant's elegant charging station.

Courant combines high performing hardware and premium materials to create wireless chargers that fit seamlessly into your life. All products feature Italian pebble-grained leather from Tuscany as well as the most current technology on the market. As tech has become an increasingly pivotal part of our everyday lives, Courant's products integrate not interfere with your life.

Now available in-store and online at Neighborhood Goods.

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September 30, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX

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$80 Courant CATCH:1 Black
$80 Courant CATCH:1 Bone
$80 Courant CATCH:1 Ash
$175 Courant CATCH:3 Black
$175 Courant CATCH:3 Bone
$175 Courant CATCH:3 Ash
$80 Courant Catch:1 - Dusty Rose
$80 Courant Catch:1 - Pacific Blue