A. N. OTHER is a literary term.

It is a placeholder name for a person whose identity is not yet known, and it epitomizes what A. N. Other stands for: people first.

They are rewriting an old story, bringing a new, fresh, and other approach to fragrance. For both the perfumers who create fragrances and the people who express themselves by wearing them, it's a story that puts people first.

A. N. Other is seeking to replace an obsolete genre — vanity — with a modern story about authentic craftsmanship, creative freedom, and honest value. They start with people. From there, they make clean, sustainable, and ethically sourced fragrances that people feel good about. And, finally, they price their fragrances honestly.

It's simple. Four scent categories. Four exceptional perfumers. Four limited-edition fragrances created without limits.

Now available at Neighborhood Goods.

Here Until

November 30, 2019

Legacy West, Plano TX

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$95 A.N Other OR/18 Parfum 100ml
$75 A.N Other OR/18 Parfum 50ml
$75 A.N Other FL/18 Parfum 50ml
$75 A.N Other FR/18 Parfum 50ml
$75 A.N Other WD/18 Parfum 50ml
$95 A.N Other WD/18 Parfum 100ml
$95 A.N Other FR/18 Parfum 100ml
$95 A.N Other FL/18 Parfum 100ml