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The Big Day

Hey, it’s Saturday! It also just happens to be launch day for our first ever Neighborhood Goods store. We’re here in Plano, TX, doing a little shopping, a little celebrating, and a healthy amount of successful bug-fixing on our site and our iOS app. It’s ok, though — we’ve got a beer in hand, and the bar of Prim and Proper has accidentally turned into our mobile office.

What’s Prim and Proper, you ask? Well, glad you asked: it’s our very own restaurant, right here in the middle of Neighborhood Goods. A mix of café, restaurant, and bar, to be precise.

We kicked off the today with a ribbon-cutting session. Yes, Neighborhood Goods’ founders Matt and Mark literally cut a ribbon outside the store. Champagne was had. It was 10am, but that’s ok.

Throughout the day, we’ve welcomed the people of Plano through our doors. And a space that looked like this just a few days ago…

… is now a hive of activity, with folks enjoying the spaces occupied with our brands — many of whom have never had a presence outside of their ecommerce platforms — and the products therein.

We’ll be telling the stories behind those brands in the coming weeks. For now, feel free to dive into the interviews we’ve conducted so far with the founders of hims, Primary, The Inside, and Made In in our “Stories” section.

In the near future, we’ll also be sharing conversations we’ve had with other folks who’ve made this whole thing possible, from DRA, our architects; to Mobelux, who’ve created our app and website; from Kyle Steed, whose mural adorns Prim and Proper’s bar; to Front Burner, who’ve helped us create our unique restaurant concept.

And where would we be without a chat with local hero Lucky, the man who’s curated our rather special bar menu? There’s a lot to look forward to — and that’s not even mentioning the amazing events line-up we have planned for the next week and beyond.

We might need one of those Bacon Bloody Marys in the morning.