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Styling Tips from Our Storytellers

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on June 30, 2020

Do you have a Zoom date or a drive by baby shower you need a new outfit for? While our products are carefully curated, sometimes a little help can make all of the difference. Our storytellers are here to assist and take the stress out of putting everything together!

Just hop on the little chat box on the bottom right of your screen and a friendly neighbor can help you with some suggestions or come into the store and talk with them (at a safe six feet) IRL. Whether you need somebody with you every step of the way or you just want them to point you in the right direction, we’ve got your back and can answer your questions (big or small).

Morgan from our Legacy West store and Harley from our South Congress store, popped in to give their take on what having a unique style means to them, why they love helping people find new looks, and threw together some outfits that you can shop now on our site and in person.

Everyday Gender-Neutral Look

Morgan: “I love dressing a good pair of sweatpants! Comfort and color were definitely my guiding force here. Adding the NG Smiley T-shirt adds some fun and playfulness that only compliments the sweats. Finally, the all-white Atoms have a crisp clean finish while also being very comfortable.”

Top: Smiley T-Shirt by Neighborhood Goods 

Bottoms: Sweatpants by Entireworld

Shoes: Model 000 White by Atoms 

Harley: “A lightweight tee and linen shorts look both fresh and modern in a soft, neutral color palette. Styled with a sleek pair of Atoms sneakers, this look is minimal and classic. Sometimes less is more! Perfect for a day at the park or a casual brunch with friends.”


Top: Co-ed 90’s Tee by The Arrivals

Bottoms: Bo Shorts by Alex Crane

Shoes: Model 000 Black by Atoms 

What are your guiding principles with styling?

Morgan: “Fit. Finding styles that work with your specific body type will revolutionize the way you look at your closet! I like to think of it as creating a painting– you want to create lines that draw the eye in or out. Add balance. Sometimes the most simple style problems can be solved by adding or subtracting something. A simple piece of jewelry or even how you style your hair can change a look completely. When I feel as though I’m struggling with a look, adding my favorite vintage ring or headband can help so much! 

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Styling is like exercising a muscle. Sometimes you need to put an outfit on, stand in front of a mirror and have fun with it! I like to do this especially when I feel I need a closet refresh! You’ll be so pleased when you find a combination that works for you.”

Harley giving some styling tips

Harley: “Staying honest with the customer is key. If I’ve chosen something for them and it's not a good fit, it’s important to let them know in order to build a trusting relationship. Being aware and educated on current trends and the product that's being styled is crucial to the process. Lastly, learning and observing what the customer likes and dislikes when presenting them with options is necessary. Then, adjust the product based on those observations.” 

Casual Women’s Look

Morgan: When creating this look, I definitely wanted it to transition throughout the day. This is easily something you can wear to brunch and then off to run errands. The UpWest chambray top and Tribe Alive Everyday Crop Pants keep everything light, cool and comfortable! The SOKO earrings add a bit of weight, and I believe that accessories can really anchor a look. 

Top: Weekend Chambray Shirt by UpWest 

Bottoms: Everyday Crop Pant by Tribe Alive 

Shoes: The Sneaker in Sand by Rothy’s 

Accessories: Mezi Drama Threaders by SOKO & Clarity Everyday Tote by Truffle

Harley: This easy linen tank and boyfriend jeans layered under an unbuttoned wrap dress is a great way to elevate everyday basics for a modern look. Pair it with these star punched cowboy boots that add a stylish southern twist for a summer night out!

Top: Everyday Top by Tribe Alive 

Bottoms: Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans by DSTLD

Outerwear: Brendolyn Button-Front Wrap Dress by Modern Citizen

Shoes: The Presidio by Ranch Road 

How did you discover your personal sense of style and what are some tips you would share for helping others discover their own?

Morgan: “Growing up, clothing was the easiest way for me to express myself. Whether it was through a monochromatic hot pink outfit at age 7 or mixing prints at age 12, I always found a way to say something with my clothes! As I got older, I definitely started to see the power behind how you dress. 

My mother and grandmother were big on sewing and as a young girl I remember looking through the piles and piles of fabric and patterns from the 1960s and 1970s of skirts, tops, dresses or pant suits. This inevitably fueled my love for vintage and thrift, especially as I left home to move to San Francisco. 

I also found that I had another love for sustainability that caused me to focus on how clothing affects everything around me. Finding your personal style is a journey. I think it ebbs and flows as you go through life, you can draw so much inspiration from the city you live in, the people you meet and the places you’ve been.” 

Morgan at our gift wrapping kiosk

Harley: “My mom has always had a great sense of style, so growing up I looked up to her when it came to fashion. With that foundation plus what I'm inspired by daily, these factors have really pushed me to form my own sense of style. 

For anyone looking to discover their own style I’d say, take what you’re currently passionate about or find intriguing and draw inspiration from it. There is no limit to how many times you can change your style, so it’s important to have fun and draw inspiration often!”

Weekend Men’s Look

Morgan: “The Weekend Shirt from DSTLD is a great option when you’re looking for a closet staple! I chose to pair it with some super lightweight Faherty shorts in a neutral color as well as the MensX GL SeaVees sneakers. The final accessories only add to the look’s versatility!”

Top: Weekend Shirt by DSTLD 

Bottoms: Cloud Cotton Harbor Short by Faherty 

Shoes: MensX GL SeaVees by Goodlife 

Accessories: Modern Round 01 Sunglasses by Just Human & MSN Bag by Rains

Harley: “This Moab graphic tee is a super easy way to stay comfortable and stylish. I paired it with this linen Alex Crane jacket and added a neutral pant and shoe for a casual layered look that is effortlessly chic.”

Top: Moab Tee by Topo Designs

Outerwear: Kite Jacket by Alex Crane

Bottoms: Skinny Slim Chinos by DSTLD

Shoes: Model 000 Black & White by Atoms

Thank you, Morgan and Harley, for taking the time to give us tips and if you want to find further inspiration, peruse our new Legacy West and South Congress collections.

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