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Social Distancing, but Make It Cozy

We are probably not the first ones you’ve heard discuss the connection between your environment and its impact on your mood and headspace. Spas and yoga studios are so relaxing because they take into account the entire atmosphere, utilizing scents, fabrics, lighting, and music to establish a sense of tranquility.

Making the most of your home environment by infusing it with relaxing vibes seems like the right move, and we hope that you can find a sense of safety and comfort when everything else has an air of uncertainty. We put together some pointers below for promoting tranquility in your home and rounded up a collection of goods to ensure maximum comfy, cozy, nesting vibes in your space.

If you are social distancing with a partner, have a conversation about guidelines for screen time. Work has to get done, but creating time to be intentional about conversation or a shared activity without your devices, could make all the difference.

Our Recommendation:

Consider using a timer, or a pretty hourglass from HAY, to keep track of time when you decide to put your phone away.

Another idea if you are at home with your S/O is to set up a date night-in . Light a few candles, order in some wine, and pick up food from your favorite local joint (if you’re in Dallas, pick up a charcuterie board from Fount, you won’t regret it!). Just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean the flame needs to dim.

Our Recommendation:

Set the mood with some candles from aptly named Cancelled Plans.

Missing your morning coffee run? Carve out some time in the morning to make your own cup of joe. Just the scent of it will start your day off right. If you live around ATX, stop by our favorite joint Greater Goods to pick up some beans for home or order online.

Our Recommendation:

Our brewing method of choice– Hay’s coffee pot. It’s a cute addition to your space and makes a fine cup of coffee. If you’re a coffee aficionado, check out this video interview of the pot’s designer, George Sowden.

Designate a space in your home for peace of mind. Step away from news and stress of the day and try out some meditation– we suggest Headspace.

Our Recommendation:

While you are trying your hand at meditation or maybe some deep breathing, you could give this diffuser from Homesick a try.

Take time to relax on the couch and read a good book if you start to feel overwhelmed during the day. Sometimes your mind just needs a chance to wander past its surroundings.

Our Recommendation:

Give your eyes a break from the blue light and keep your coffee table looking fresh with a book from Taschen.

Get! Some! Sleep! At least 8 hours every night cuts down on cortisol (stress vibes) and allows your body to repair its immune system.

Our Recommendation:

Block out sleep-disrupting light with a fuzzy sleep mask from UpWest and cozy up to some earth-friendly sheets from Ettitude.

Set the tone by playing uplifting music (maybe give our Only Good Things playlist a listen). We almost 100% guarantee it will be better at putting you at ease than the news cycle.

Our Recommendation:

Stream some tunes, via a really good speaker from Sonos. We’ve got your back when it comes to music and podcast suggestions- check out our piece on Easy Listening for Not-So-Easy Times.