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Setting Intentions for the New Year

Written By: Bella Pepin

Published on January 10, 2020

We know that change is hard. It’s a new decade– and that's big– but, that doesn't mean your resolutions have to be so big (sometimes it's all about baby steps).

Whether you're committing 10 minutes each day to your physical or mental wellness, trying to make more eco-conscious decisions, or simply giving your neighbors (and yourself) more frequent pats on the back, you do you —We're all just trying to be better in 2020, and our brands are right there with you.

To kick off 2020 at Neighborhood Goods and within the Goods family, we asked some of our HQ team members and brand partners to reflect on 2019 and share their intentions and goals for 2020, and we think their answers are pretty good.

So good that we’ve shared them below and have curated our own intentional collections featuring brands committed to self-care, sustainability, and active living, including Maude, Taschen, Rothy's, Olivers, Rec Room, ASYSTEM, and more.

Which brands or products at NG inspired you to be better in 2019?

"Maude. The quality of intimacy products wasn't something I really gave a lot of thought about until 2019. The most important aspects to their products to me is that they're vegan, cruelty free, phthalate, sulfate and paraben free and sustainable. I feel good knowing I’m looking after my own health as well as easing the health of the planet."

- Miekala, Graphic Designer

    "Curie clean deodorant, Kinfield outdoor products, Courant chargers (specifically the carry)"

    - Madison, Brand Partnerships Manager

      "I have loved cooking and entertaining with Brightland Olive Oil!"

      - Phil, Brand Partnerships Manager

        "I was incredibly proud of our private label tee supporting the idea that good design can be accessible, high-quality, and profitable."

        - Vijay, Financial Analyst

        Do you have any resolutions, goals, mottos or words that you're bringing with you into 2020?

        "I want to write more and have more conversations with people who think differently than I do."

        - Devin, Office Manager

          "Being more thoughtful in every aspect of life. I feel like with all the scrolling, swiping, and 'likes', we've forgotten how to take time and invest in relationships, career goals, friends and family. Getting back to the roots of happiness and blossom!"

          - Phil, Brand Partnerships Manager

            "Be more like Beyonce."

            - Melanie, Content Creator

            "This year, we're gonna spend less time focusing on outcomes and more time focusing on the habits that precede the results. We are carrying these words from James Clear into 2020: 'You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems'”.

            - David Wolfe, Founder + CEO, Olivers

              "We want to build our community into a force which helps them and those around them be the best version of themselves. Our 2020 motto is 'Be bold and great forces will come to your aid.'"

              - Oliver, Founder, ASYSTEM

                "We use all recyclable materials, but our resolution is to switch our packaging to post consumer recycled plastic before the end of 2020!"

                - The Curie team

                "For us at PHLUR, it always comes back to Good, Clean Fun! Good scents, perfected by world-class perfumers who care. Crafted with clean ingredients; the best for people, the planet—and pups! All in the name of fun. Personally, we'll be taking more selfies, riding more scooters, spending more time with our pups, and generally, having more fun!"

                - The Phlur team

                "The milk + honey marketing team celebrates #manifestationmonday every week. That just means we talk aloud about the things we'd like to manifest for the week, month, and year. We want to stay consistent with this practice in 2020 because it's important to talk about your goals — no matter how big or small — and how you're going to achieve them. We've found it really works and helps us hold one another accountable and feel invested in each other's goals. Additionally, we are big fans of voicing our gratitude regularly — it prompts you to figuratively stop and smell the roses, put things in perspective, and find the silver lining."

                - The milk + honey Team

                "Help families start or grow their families in 2020!"

                - The Natalist Team

                  "New year, New you, right? Nah, New year, Do you. Disco is clean skincare for the modern man, here to help you put your 2020 skincare goals on autopilot. What are you waiting for? Let's get clean, man."

                  - The Disco Team

                  For any goal or intention you're setting this year, we're sure we've got something to help get you there. Shop goods for For An Active Lifestyle, For Shopping Ethically & Eco-Consciously.

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