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Relaxing with HETIME and Bri Milam

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on April 3, 2020

We recently had HETIME and Bri Milam take over our Instagram to encourage us all to take a pause from the anxiety we've been steeping in and direct our energy towards self-care and intentional unwinding. First up, a simple step-by-step guide to a masked meditation with HETIME, a company focused on self-care by way of face masks:

  1. Pick a special moment in your day to dedicate these 20 min to - especially in times like these, when we are spending all day at home, the intention to take hetime is important!
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly
  3. Cleanse your face with your go-to cleanser or simply wash your face with water & dry it with a clean towel
  4. Unfold the mask and place it on your face
  5. Embark on a meditation
  6. Wash your hands again
  7. Take the mask off and simply massage the left over serum into your face

Voilà - that’s it!


Chris, co-founder, & his girlfriend doing some #WETIME


Samantha, co-founder, doing some #HERTIME

While they were kicking back with their masks, we asked HETIME founders to pick out some of their favorite Neighborhood Goods items:

Love candle by Homesick

Candy hearts with syrupy sentiments. Holding hands. Love letters in a shoe box. The one you never forget. This candle has notes of lemon, peony, and sandalwood

30 min Hourglass by Hay

This hourglass offers a contemporary twist on the classic hourglass timer by combining clear and colored glass with fine sand.

Tension Relief by Hilma

Tension Relief gives your body what it needs to reduce head discomfort and pressure and decrease sensitivity to light and noise.


You may want to learn a little more about Bri Milam who led the guided meditation that was linked above. Bri is an artist who focuses on “creating art to inspire authenticity and mindfulness.” Wanting to learn from the best, we asked her to share some helpful tips for turning the dial to intentionality and setting the mood for relaxation.

  • One simple way to maintain structure at home is to make your bed every morning. It sounds simple, but making your bed really helps clear up mental clutter!
  • Looking at a plant or fresh flowers boosts your mood! I also like to keep candles, sage, and a stick of Palo Santo nearby. These scents have a powerful impact on my sense of calm.
  • Find time for your creative hobbies, especially ones that require deep focus, like painting, woodworking, or cooking.

Of course we couldn’t let a neighbor drop in without asking them about the Goods they are currently eyeing on our website. These are Bri’s picks:

1. Great Escapes- Italy by Taschen — “I might not be able to travel to Italy physically right now, but at least I can take a visual journey with this beautiful book.

2. O’Keefe by Taschen — “Georgia O’Keeffe is one of my favorite artists, and I’m taking this time to deepen my knowledge about all my interests.”

3. Fireside Jogger by UpWest“The perfect pair of work-from-home pants.”

4. Tub Kit by maude“Baths are a regular part of my self-care routine, and it might be time to up my bath game with these soaks.”

5. Introvert Candle by Cancelled Plans“Never has a candle understood me so well. Some of my favorite scents in this “Introvert” candle.”

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