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No Justice, No Peace

Written By: Matt Alexander

Published on May 31, 2020

Updated on 6/03/2020:

In observance of — and support with — the ongoing protests around the country, we will not be reopening our Texas stores today, as planned.

Our employees will be paid, as normal, for their scheduled time. And we’ll be providing paid time-off for any employees who would like to participate in protests during work hours. We’ve made donations and we’ve made statements, but this is a time for more. Perhaps this will be a step in the right direction for us.

Looking ahead, internally, we’ll take time to assemble more educational resources, engage in more conversations, and, ultimately, make changes and commit to ongoing improvement for the long haul. As we’ve said, we’re far from perfect. We can, must, and will do more. 

Meanwhile, externally, we’ll do our best to be quiet on our social channels over the coming days, aside from amplifying voices far more important, wise, and meaningful than our own.

Black Lives Matter.

- Neighborhood Goods


Previous post (05/31/2020):

We stand with the protestors around the country — the world — this weekend and going forward. We grieve the loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the hundreds who have died and suffered before them.

We are living through a difficult time. But injustice and racism are hardly new. It’s important for us to remember that — in the midst of everything else in the world — they are an everyday burden to so many in the Black community. To say this is unfair and unjust is an understatement. Necessary change is long overdue.

As a company, we are certainly not without our flaws and failures. We could — should — be a more diverse and representative company. We talk about Neighbors and compassion, but we, and all of us, could do so much more in that regard. And on that note, we should have addressed this sooner. 

So, know that, for whatever our platform is, we are not speaking from a position of perfection. But we have intention and conviction to improve.

Speaking with friends who have far more wisdom than us, we’ve put together a list of causes to support. We’ve made donations to each. We’ll continue to look for more opportunities to support reform efforts, as well as learning to better use our voice to speak for justice (not just in moments of crisis). As a team, we’ll be doing all we can to listen, learn, and act for the betterment of those undermined, harmed, and disenfranchised in our communities. And we’ll hold our peers to the same account, as best we can.

Here are the following organizations we have donated to and we encourage you to do the same if you are able:

Additionally, if you are looking for other organizations you can support or want resources to learn from we recommend the following:

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