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Neighborhood Love with Artist Rani Ban

We noticed there was an artist, Rani Ban, who was doing a really good job of caring for her neighbors and creating a cool opportunity for everyone else to care for the people around them too. With her print series, Neighborhood Love, she’s encouraging humans to share a message of hope and solidarity in these funky, hard times. You can buy a pack of prints to hang in your window or around the block and she can ship them to you or you can download them and print them out yourself! With quips like “I can’t hug you, but I can tape this sign up that says I love you,” Rani gives us the words we’ve all been struggling to express.

We asked Rani Ban to write an open letter to the people she was thinking about when she started this project.

an open letter to my neighbors:

let's graffiti our windows

with paper and tape

so when essential workers come home

after a long day, week, month

they know that we are all on their team

so when our lonely neighbors walk by

they can go home knowing that we are here for them now

& we'll be here when it's over

because it's 2020

the year we all helped each other


rani ban

“I made these signs to bring life to quiet streets. During shelter & place we can't ignore our neighbors; we need our neighbors. The world was feeling sterile and cold so I wanted to soften the landscape with reminders that we are all, in the end, team planet earth.”


We want to thank Rani for doing the hard work of intentionally lifting others up. It’s in moments like this that we are reminded of the power of art and the perspective of creatives. Remembering our humanity can be difficult when life feels heavy, but we are grateful for people who remind us to look up, love others, and spread good around. Click here to shop her prints and take a peek at the other wonders she’s designing. 

If you’re interested in what Rani is checking out on Neighborhood Goods, here are some her favs:

Wild One Poop Bags - $10

Eco-friendly, bags made out of a plant-based starch blend. Designed to take care of business after your dog takes care of theirs. 

Hay Salt & Pepper Grinder - $39

This colorful salt and pepper mill is made from stainless steel with a ceramic grinding mechanism that lets you adjust grind coarseness.

Maude Soak - $18

Infuses water with vitamins and minerals and promotes body detoxification. Contains notes of amber, cedar leaf, and lemongrass.