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Neighbor 101: Organization & Art

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on August 19, 2020

You may have heard about our Neighbor 101, a series of crash courses on wellness, art, and other topics that add new perspectives to your life. 

Sometimes it’s helpful to get a taste of what you’re about to see before you dive into an IG Live video. Your time is precious and even 30 minutes can feel like a big commitment. So here’s the TL;DR peek at two of our Neighbor 101 events from last week and some NG products that pair well.

Be sure to check out future events here to browse what’s waiting in the wings.

Erin Mursch - KonMari Your Space: Organized for Good

Marie Kondo’s method and approach for decluttering your space and some tips for working at home and maintaining an organized life. Spoiler: it’s all about living intentionally and surrounding yourself with joy.

Principles of KonMari:

  • Commit to tidying up, once and for all
  • Envision your ideal life
  • Finish discarding first
  • Tidy by category, not location

Where to start tidying (in order):

  1. Clothing
  2. Books 
  3. Papers
  4. Miscellaneous subcategories
  5. Sentimental goods

Watch this IG Live event

Length of Video: 29 minutes

Pairs Well With:

Silicone Straws by Food52 - $25

Cutting down on waste and making sustainability an everyday occurrence will definitely spark some joy.

Hardcover Notebook by Neighborhood Goods - $20

Great for jotting down some of your organization ideas or envisioning your ideal life.

RF Alvarez - Creating with Paper Collage

This event also served as a fundraiser for Creative Action, an Austin-based organization that supports the academic, social, and emotional development of youth through the arts. 

RF Alvarez, an artist from Austin and Uprise Art partner, discusses abstraction and how to create depth using shapes. 

Learn about foundational principles of abstraction and get a little artsy yourself as you put them into practice.

What You'll Need: Mixed Color Paper, X-acto Knife or Scissors, Glue Stick, Pencil & Paper

Watch this IG Live event

Length of Video: 53 minutes

Pairs Well With:

Do Not Disturb Candle by Cancelled Plans - $32

Let them know you’re not to be bothered when you’re crafting and the creative juices are flowing.

Rothko by Taschen - $15

Get some inspiration from well-known Abstract Expressionist, Mark Rothko, for your soon-to-be-realized masterpiece.  

Keep an eye out for some of our upcoming events like Houseplants 101 with UrbanStems and Immune Health 101 with Hilma Co-founders. Thanks for coming on this journey with us, neighbors.

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