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Meet Some of the Brands in the First Class of The Commons

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on June 26, 2020

The Commons is all about small brands and big hearts. Moving into a new neighborhood can be intimidating, but what makes it start to feel like home is when you get to know the people living around you. There’s nothing like the community you can find on your block.

This is a backyard BBQ introduction to some of the folks who are joining us in-store and online. We will be asking them what makes them tick and learning more about the heart behind their business. From LA to Atlanta, small businesses and artists are figuring out how to operate in this new normal and many are turning to their founding principles and community for resilience and hope. Their answers often explore the why behind their brand and what keeps them going. 

Hopefully, this will get all of us familiar enough to knock on each other’s door to ask for a couple of eggs or a cup of flour if we ever need to.

What does your creative process look like and how does your neighborhood play a role in your art?


“I don't look for inspiration, it finds me. I'm easily inspired. As creator of my open-air art gallery in the lower Manhattan neighborhood of Soho, New York City, I maintained a consistent and strong in-person presence for over 20 years. This day-in-and-day-out high visibility has allowed me to cultivate valuable personal connections and long-term relationships with the Soho community. I make myself personally accessible. I interact with my audience. I become personally involved in their lives and stories. People relate to me on a personal level while interacting with my art. I share not only my art, but also myself.”

Tell us how the idea for your brand was born?

Landon Nash, Founder of Tact & Stone:

"After reading an article about the fashion industry and how wasteful it is (one of the largest contributors to climate change), I went looking for a brand I could feel good buying from; a brand that had a holistic approach and a foundation rooted in sustainability. However, I couldn't find anyone tackling all of the issues in sustainability while offering quality essentials for everyday life. I was determined to create a brand centered around real sustainability, without having to sacrifice quality, fit, comfort or style. 

By only sourcing 100% sustainable raw materials to create custom fabrics, We are able to create the highest-quality, lowest-impact essentials on the market. By only working with certified ethical manufacturers to ensure a positive social impact as well, we are proving that sustainability, and quality apparel don’t have to be mutually exclusive."

Jennifer Tinsley, Founder of FIELD:

“I founded FIELD to address the need to nurture a healthy skin microbiome with botanical ingredients, and allow customers to skip a shower or two if they prefer not to shower daily, or if they can’t fit it into their busy lives. As a nearly lifelong vegetarian and now vegan, I’m an advocate for a cruelty-free lifestyle, which is the mission of FIELD products. Creating body care products that promote a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle is what we’re all about.”

Roma Patel, Founder of Tejari:

“The inspiration behind Tejari was honestly a mix of my own childhood and how I wanted to raise my boys. Nutrition and wellness have always been incredibly important to both me and my husband, so we wanted to make it a priority for our family. So, just like that, I decided to partner with the most incredible nutritionists and food scientists I know with the intention of pushing all the boundaries. The result? Organic, vegan protein blends with simple ingredients that are delicious, good for you, and beyond enjoyable to incorporate into your day in a variety of ways.”

How does your community play a role in your business?

Jennifer Tinsley, Founder of FIELD:

“Coming from a background where I worked 19 years in small town planning and redevelopment, I grew to appreciate grassroots efforts and the strength of community. Indie beauty brands are the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry, and can be compared to a strong cadre of impassioned citizens determined to better their community.”

Moriah Lutz-Tveite, Wholesale Account Manager for SOKO:

“Our artisan partners— our community of skilled jewelry-makers are the reason we exist. They are the most inspiring, motivating, and influential part of SOKO. Supporting their efforts to build a sustainable life for themselves and invest in the future for their families and communities are the reasons we’re able to do the work we do.”

Can you tell us a story about how a neighborhood has positively impacted you?

Moriah Lutz-Tveite, Wholesale Account Manager for SOKO:

“Our artisans are primarily based in Kibera, Rongai and Dandora and are joy-filled and hopeful. It positively impacts our teams both in Kenya and the United States to continue to build and grow SOKO. They make this company a platform that provides sustainable, dignified work to support artisans as they provide for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

Roma Patel, Founder of Tejari:

“As a new brand, we were beyond thrilled to take part in this year's community farmers markets. The original plan was to launch across five farmers markets in the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, those plans were put on hold due to COVID. The team quickly pivoted and found a way to create a virtual market, which opens Friday through Sunday, and coordinated how to deliver products to our community. It’s been such an honor participating in this experience—I have goosebumps just thinking about it! We are equally honored to be a part of The Commons at Neighborhood Goods. When we were informed we made the first class, we couldn’t contain our excitement.”

Anything else you would like to share?

Landon Nash, Founder of Tact & Stone:

“We are on a mission to make this planet and our industry more sustainable and more equitable. We believe we have an opportunity to be the generation of change for a better future. We believe style doesn't mean chasing trends, but is centered around high-quality, perfect fitting essentials. We believe looking good, and feeling good, leads to doing good. We believe in leaders, and change-makers. We believe in you.”

Editor’s Picks

We love what this first class is bringing to the table and we thought we’d include some of our favorite picks from these new Commons neighbors:

Patrick-Earl - DEEP WALL $200

His artwork moves into the large arena of combining various isms and disciplines weaving history, social, cultural studies and literature into a blend of instinctive creations.

FIELD - Smell My Feet $26

This uses a unique blend of deodorizing botanical adaptogens to neutralize the foot odor caused by sweaty feet.

SOKO - Moto Hoops $78

Essential and elevated, these hoops feature a bold shape that gives way to an organic, artistic form. 

Tejari - Golden Banana Blend 8oz $26

This blend’s notes of banana, cinnamon and turmeric that are perfect for making Golden Milk, smoothies, pancakes and more.

Tact & Stone - Performance Walk Short $78

The unique construction of the Orbital yarns create a polished hand feel with amazing performance qualities; moisture wicking, quick dry, and natural stretch.

Feel free to browse and explore the rest of our Commons brands before they “graduate.” And remember you can still apply and nominate other brands and artists to be a part of future classes!

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