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Meet Aishwarya Iyer: Founder of Brightland

Written By: Matt Alexander

Published on September 5, 2019

With cozy fall nights and holiday hosting near, we are excited to launch Brightland, a line of really good, extra virgin olive oil with the coolest packaging for foodies and design lovers everywhere.

Inspired by California living and a golden state of mind, Brightland was created out of their desire for more honest and better food production. Brightland's hand-sourced, custom-blended California olive oil is never over-processed or rotten, has no fillers or artificial preservatives, and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Did you know the olive oil most Americans consume is not what we think it is?

We recently chatted with Brightland’s founder, Aishwarya Iyer, on her story and why she set out to redefine the olive oil industry.

1) How did Brightland get started? What was your "ah-ha" moment?

"After learning that most of the olive oil that Americans consume is rotten/rancid/adulterated, I wanted to do something about it - I wasn’t sure what that looked like. After moving to California I wanted to champion American-made, beautiful extra virgin olive oil that is also elevated - and that’s where the journey began.

Olive oil is a foundation of wellness; a cornerstone of nourishment for thousands of years and a historic source of wellbeing and ceremony. Athena’s gift of the olive - useful for light, heat, food, medicine or perfume, was one of the most useful and beloved gifts of the gods. I truly believe in honoring the beauty of the land - the California sun and soil and respecting the nourishment it provides."

2) Describe Brightland in three words:


3) What do you mean by "the olive oil Americans consume is not what we think it is"?

"The majority of the olive oil that Americans consume is rotten, rancid or has been adulterated! Brightland was featured in The New York Times this week, in a very educational piece that dives into freshness and what to look for when buying quality olive oil."

4) How did your family inspire you?

"My ancestors were salt farmers from South India, and learning that I had a deep-rooted connection to the land and to food was truly transformative! My father, mother, and sister are also incredibly supportive and I’m inspired by them every day."

What does "women supporting women" mean to you?

"It means giving in whatever way you can at that moment: whether it’s time, resources, energy, support and authentically cheering on fellow peers. "

What does it mean for you to live in a golden state? How do you incorporate it into your everyday life?

"To me, living in a golden state means:

Savoring the simple moments.
Everyday elegance.
Cozy days and slow nights.
Lazy evening strolls.
Putting away the screens. "

Favorite ways to use Brightland?

"Love drizzling AWAKE over burrata or roasted veggies! Plump medjool dates soaked in ALIVE is divine! "

Favorite cookbooks?

"Priya Krishna’s Indian-Ish is delightful. I love Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking and The First Mess cookbook. "

Favorite parts or things about your LA neighborhood?

"Highly Likely in West Adams: the best Japanese breakfast bowl

The Nomad Hotel in DTLA: beautiful + the perfect spot for drinks

Mizlala in West Adams: fantastic tahini shakes...cannot stop thinking about them! "

Shop Brightland IRL or here.

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