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Launching the Second Class of The Commons

Another month and another class of The Commons is ushered into our stores! 

Since the Second Class of The Commons is filled to the brim with brands that are punching above their weight, we thought we would get out of the way and let them do the talking. 


Kendall Davis Clay

Located at Legacy West

Kendall is a Fort Worth-based ceramicist who specializes in creating poetic, utilitarian, perfectly handcrafted pieces for your home. 


Located at Legacy West and South Congress

London-born, Dallas-based artist Nosheen Iqbal makes art and accessories for the home from embroidered wood and bamboo. 


Located at South Congress 

Patrick-Earl is a self-taught, deep folk artist. His art is a conjunction of found objects, free association, various styles and approaches. 

This artist was with us in the First Class and is back with an artwork refresh!

Beauty and Wellness

Bolt Beauty

Located at Chelsea Market

Bolt Beauty's travel-friendly, no-hassle skincare capsules are the perfect solution for travel, gym mornings, sleepovers, and more.

Karisma Skincare

Located at Legacy West, South Congress, and Chelsea Market

Karisma is dedicated to creating superior, clean, non-toxic, high-performance luxury skincare products with integrity and 100% transparency


Located at Chelsea Market

Made with natural, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly ingredients, to keep your teeth white and your breath fresh.

Sade Baron

Located at Legacy West and South Congress

Designed to work for every body and skin type, Sade Baron products are handcrafted with all-natural superfood ingredients, nutrients, and antioxidants to enhance the skin's natural healing abilities so your skin feels healthier, hydrated and restored. 



Located at South Congress

8apart is on a mission to uplift and celebrate girls, encouraging them to always be who they are with fun, free-spirited clothing

ANASA Resortwear

Located at Chelsea Market

Crafted in Kenya, ANASA brings together luxurious silks, natural textiles and adornments to create a collection of vibrant and sophisticated kaftans.

Folklore Las Niñas

Located at Legacy West

Folklore Las Niñas promotes multiculturalism, diversity, and consciousness. Artisan-made designs are created with textiles from Guatemala and Bolivia, produced with eco-conscious manufacturing. 

Hanky Panky

Located at South Congress

Since 1977, Hank Panky's focus has been making the world's most comfortable thongs, panties, boyshorts, bralettes, and lingerie. All of their products are made in the USA and use organically grown cotton fibers and low-impact dyes.

The Label

Located at Legacy West and South Congress

With neutral tones and a well-tailored fit, these contemporary essentials are made to be the most comfortable staples in the closet that you keep reaching for. 



Located at Chelsea Market

Consciously designed, this line of modern, sculptural jewelry pieces aims to bring artful design and sustainable craftsmanship together. 

Freja NYC

Located at Chelsea Market

Freja's mission is to combine artisan craftsmanship, functional design, and ethical manufacturing. Each bag is handmade using vegan materials and engineered with precise attention to detail. 


Located at Chelsea Market

Haerfest (pronounced Harvest) was founded by two brothers in New York to create bags for the innovators, the commuters, the work-from-everywhere people, to serve as the office between your office. 


Located at Legacy West

These portable dress weights fit in your purse for quick, easy, undetectable application. Coated in a soft and smooth finish, they are fabric-safe, reusable, and sticky enough for several all-day uses.

Muskoka Nord

Located at South Congress

Muskoka Nord creates jewelry to reflect your Zodiac sign and other astrology centric motifs. A portion of their proceeds go to The Loveland Foundation, which exists to bring opportunity and healing to communities of color, especially Black women and girls.

Pharaō Jewelry 

Located at South Congress

Made in Austin, TX, Pharaō's designs can transition from day to night; wear them solo or layer them to add more to your look.


Located at Legacy West

Because your world revolves around your dog, Shaya made a bag that revolves around both of you. A portion of every Shaya purchase goes to Disco’s Dogs, a program that provides specially trained service dogs for families with children on the autism spectrum and children with other developmental disabilities.


Located at Legacy West

With clean energy-powered manufacturing, no toxic chemicals, and plant based natural materials, these bags will help you reach your destination with a minimal carbon footprint.


Adulting for the Win

Located at Legacy West, South Congress, and Chelsea Market

Award ribbons for the little wins of modern life. Whether they "Left the House Today" or just "Adulted Really Really Good,” let your friends know they're doing great.

Aya Paper

Located at Legacy West and South Congress

A sustainable stationery brand that creates greeting cards and gifts to celebrate the people and moments that matter most. All of their paper products are made with 100% recycled material and are created through sustainable processes.

Franklin + Emily

Located at South Congress

A departure from the throw-away-culture of today's kid's furniture, Franklin + Emily's award winning children's furniture is made in the USA with high quality, sustainable materials that are safe for your kids and their future planet. 


Located at Legacy West, South Congress, and Chelsea Market

Express yourself and save your tables from nasty water rings with Versatile's premium absorbent drink coasters.


Hush & Hush

Located at South Congress

Hush & Hush offers nutraceuticals and supplements to boost energy and sleep, promote hair growth, reduce stress, and more. 

Légal Hot Sauce

Located at South Congress

Made from a multi-generational Brazilian malagueta pepper recipe, Légal Hot Sauce has a strong, unique flavor that is not too spicy with just enough kick.

Proposition Cocktails

Located at Legacy West, South Congress, and Chelsea Market

These plant-based, alcohol-free cocktails are made with all-natural adaptogens for a healthier way to sip and chill without compromising quality or lifestyle. 

The Qi

Located at Chelsea Market

Rooted in time-honored rituals, these healing, whole flowering teas are deeply nourishing, grounding, and revitalizing.

If you want to have a more thorough rundown on the purpose of The Commons and what it means to be a part of a class, dive into some of our previous writings. And remember to shop this Second Class of The Commons for the month that they’re here!