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How to Host a Party for the 2020 Grad

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on May 14, 2020

Weekdays and sleep schedules may have fallen to pieces and your time keeping mainly consists of tracking the last time you ordered groceries, but for many, May signifies a major milestone in their life. High school and college students are donning caps and gowns for walks across the living room. This year, graduation festivities look different than they ever have before. Some are taking this moment in stride by using ingenuity and heart to celebrate grads in unconventional ways. We wanted to put together some ideas for toasting to those freshly minted diplomas and created a collection to make shopping for your scholars even easier.

Grad Party Idea #1

Request grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends, favorite teachers, create posters congratulating your graduate and have them send pictures of them holding up their posters while cheesing real hard.

A glowing example, courtesy of Taylor Dickenson

Grad Party Idea #2

Host a party over video calls. You can use either Google Hangouts or Zoom- both do the trick of getting all of the faces you love in little tiny boxes so they can celebrate the big moments in the same room as you. You can have a dance party or play games together on Jackbox. Once you download the game pack, anyone can join the game using their phones! 

Grad Party Idea #3

We all knew this suggestion was coming: Parade Party. Send out a mass invite to all of your local party pals and plan to drive a parade by the house of the graduate. Deck out your car with washable paint, streamers, posters, and balloons*. The same memories as a regular party but zero clean up.

*We recommend checking out our friends over at Blow Balloons. They create 100% biodegradable balloons and donate a portion of their proceeds to Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit working to clean up the ocean.

Grad Party Idea #4

If you have been social distancing with family, consider performing your own graduation ceremony. Have someone deliver a commencement speech, or watch this one from 2002, and create a “stage” for your grad to cross from one side to the other where they can receive their diploma.

Courtesy of Bella Pepin

Another way of celebrating your grad is by sending them a care package of well-wishes, hopes for their future, and a gold star for a job well done in their academic careers. Check out our For the Graduate collection.

Here are some picks we love:

Student Loans by Cancelled Plans

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Catch:3 by Courant

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Balance Skin Care Kit by Aesop

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All of the Goods Bundle by Neighborhood Goods

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For more graduation gifts head over to our collection.

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