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Currently Listening: Our Workday Mix

This is an ode to the magic of personality. The right song can set you in the zone or take you to the creative headspace you’ve been needing for days. A 9 to 5 playlist is especially crucial on those “let’s get down to business” days (which feels like pretty much every day when you work for a startup). We wanted to pull back the curtain on Neighborhood Goods HQ by sharing some artists we jam out to. Plug in your headphones and tune into volume 1 of workday mix from our NG team.

Work Day Mix: Volume 1

Listening to our music, it’s easy to experience the colorful collective of our little HQ streaming through your headphones. In this mix, rap, indie, soul, and folk exist in dynamic harmony, mirroring the collaborative, creative, and sometimes hilarious tone of our office.