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Creative Ways to Stay Connected

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on April 7, 2020

Trying to stay connected to all of the humans we care about, has recently tested the extent of our creativity. From Zoom happy hours to live-streamed cooking classes, it feels like we spend 50% of our waking hours trying to maintain the feeling of togetherness and the other 50% willing ourselves not to eat all of the snacks in the pantry. If you are tired of only communicating through memes, we brainstormed some ways to spice up your social (distancing) calendar– but by all means, keep sending the memes.

Zoom Happy Hours have become all of the rage in the past month. Here are some ideas that will keep the conversation (and laughter) flowing:

  • PowerPoint Party: Assign a couple of people in your friend group to create a PowerPoint about things they are passionate about and have them present it at the Happy Hour. And of course- make sure you have your bev of choice ready to cheers to any really good slides.
  • Themed Happy Hours:

Unibrour: This idea comes from our very own Director of Marketing, Fallon. Catch up with your besties while sporting a unibrow. This is sure to make for some hilarious content on your Instagram stories.

Tiger King: If you haven’t watched Tiger King on Netflix, chances are you’ve heard people talking about it. Gather up some “cool cats and kittens” and dress up like your favorite characters on the show.

Thank You Notes: Get some of your crafty friends together to write thank you notes for local health professionals. It is a simple way to spread the love and thank those who are risking their lives on the frontlines. Our friends at Good Juju Ink also create some beautiful cards if you want to send some love but you’re low on craft supplies.

Another way to stay connected to friends and family is by binge-watching the same shows. Netflix Party is a Chrome plugin and makes it easy to watch shows with others, no matter where you are.

Having a creative streak? Get some of your friends to form a Creative Club where you meet once a week via video chat and put on a talent show. Flaunt your Tik Tok dance skills or recite a poem about a “Plain Plate of Noodles (with a little bit of butter).”

Just because you can’t meet in person to drink wine and talk about the bestseller you finished reading, doesn’t mean Book Club is canceled. Schedule a time to gossip about your favorite characters and drink that pinot over Zoom. Misplaced your favorite readers? CADDIS has got you covered.

Snail mail is a cute, analog way to reach out to the ones you love. Let your people know you're thinking of them by sending them something good. We’ve wanted to simplify the process for sending care packages, so we put together some Giftable Goods and threw in free shipping! It's hard being away from your people, especially when big life moments are happening. Consider this a raincheck for a hug:

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Know someone who needs a little pick-me-up? This is as close as we could come to bundling up sunshine. With a book about dogs, a bath soak, a quirky candle, and a hat with a good mantra - it'll give them somethin' to smile about.

Includes: Dogs in Photography book by Taschen, Soak by maude, Cancelled Plans candle, It's All Goods hat


Patio Vacation

The breeze tousling your hair may be from an open window and not a sunset sail off the coast, but that doesn't mean adventure is beyond your reach. Grab this bundle and send it to some of your besties so you can brainstorm about future trips over video chat, while you soak up that backyard sun.

Includes: 36 Hours in USA & Canada guide by Taschen, Roadtrip candle by Homesick, Sunnies by IZIPIZI


All of the Goods

Designed to easily transition from couch to neighborhood stroll, this bundle is perfect for a friend who needs a bit of cheering up. It's always a good day to give a smiley tee.

Includes: All the Goods hat, Smiley Tee in white, and Striped Socks

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