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Chelsea Market: Our Launch Line-up

Written By: Matt Alexander

Published on November 12, 2019

Check out our current collections or plan your trip to our Manhattan location!

In February, we announced the second Neighborhood Goods location would be coming to New York later in 2019.

In July, we announced, specifically, that we’d be opening at Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking District, featuring frontage on 9th Ave., as well as an interior entrance within the market itself. We shared that, despite having a smaller space, we’d be adopting a different format than our store in Texas, where we’d feature a more blended, boutique-esque approach to our model.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re less than 30 days from opening that location. And that, when we do, we’ll be launching with an unbelievable line-up of roughly 40 brands, a new restaurant concept, and a special collaborative convenience store.

On the brand front, of particular pride, roughly half the launch line-up is comprised of existing Neighborhood Goods partners from our inaugural location at Legacy West in Plano, Texas, including Rothy’s, Dollar Shave Club, Fossil, Hill City, TASCHEN, Tonal, The Tot, Wild One, and, new to the Neighborhood this week, Faherty. In addition to those, we’re also proud to be introducing some all-new brands for our ecosystem, including Maude, The Arrivals, HAY, Olivers, ASYSTEM, and so many more.

Sitting alongside this fantastic line-up, we’re also proud to introduce our new restaurant concept, Tiny Feast. Our take on a European snack bar, of sorts, we’ll be open from early in the morning for breakfast all the way into the evening for cocktails.

Adjacent to the restaurant, we’re also proud to introduce a convenience store collaboration with Pop Up Grocer, a New York-based concept supporting up-and-coming consumer packaged goods brands. Featuring some of our existing partners like Brightland, we’re incredibly excited to have a whole host of brands available on a rotating basis with Pop Up Grocer, as well.

We’ll be continuing to share more of our launch line-up over the coming days, as well as our opening events and festivities.

If you find yourself in the area, keep an eye on our windows and billboards. We’ll be introducing some special messaging and teasers over the next few weeks.

See you soon, neighbors.

Matt Alexander, Co-founder & CEO

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