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Brands on a Misson: Eco-Friendly Favorites

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on March 2, 2021

Many of our brands are active participants in making the world a better place and caring for the earth. Using dyes that require less water, materials that last longer, and donating some of their proceeds to charitable and environmentally-friendly organizations, they are working to leave the world in better condition than they found it.

Conscious of where and how their materials are grown, manufactured, and wild about quality, so you can keep your goods longer and buy less, this round up of Brands on a Mission focuses on our eco-friendly favs.

Emory Bee 

Emory Bee’s Dakota Blazer - $450

Enjoy the luxury of fancy outerwear, rich patterns, and elevating textures - free from harsh chemicals and only made with ethical fabrics. Emory Bee, founded by a mother-daughter duo in Los Angeles, is known for their quality faux furs and buttery silks. Always sustainable and always cruelty free.


Entireworld’s Sweatpants - $88

Entireworld makes the kind of sweats you’ll fall in love with, want to introduce to your parents, and trust to water your plants. Not only are they the comfiest fit, they use organic cotton and pre-consumer recycled cotton, produced in factories which pass some of the highest standards for their treatment of workers and the environment.


Kinfield’s Sunday Spray - $22

There’s a beautiful symmetry in a brand taking care of the earth as it works to protect your skin from the sun. Kinfield only uses plant-based ingredients, says “no” to testing on animals, and is even Leaping Bunny certified. They are also proudly a member of 1% for The Planet and minimize their packaging to cut back on unnecessary waste.


Outer’s Armless Chair Set - $2,300

Some of our favorite innovators at Outer discovered a new way to turn recycled plastics into outdoor furniture. Each Outer sofa is made out of 30% recycled materials, including approximately 100 plastic bottles found in the ocean, and is 100% recyclable. 

Public Goods 

Public Goods’ Bamboo Straws - $7

Swapping out your everyday essentials for more sustainable items is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact. Public Goods is committed to being tree-free and uses bamboo and sugarcane-based materials whenever they can. Their goods are also free of toxic chemicals and help you use less water.

If you want to discover more Brands on a Mission, check out some of our previous Stories: Community and Sustainability, A Guide to Gifts that Give Back, and Giving Tuesday.

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