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Brands on a Mission: Community and Sustainability

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on January 19, 2021

There’s something to be said about going the extra mile. It’s washing the clothes and folding them; it’s getting the salsa and the queso. For those brands that go the extra mile (or two), we call them our Brands on a Mission. Focused on giving back to their communities and creating sustainable products, these brands consider carving out their own lanes in retail to be just as important as doing good.

A majority of the brands who reside in Neighborhood Goods tie themselves to a range of altruistic causes, from donating a portion of their proceeds to nonprofits to putting on lab coats and designing fabrics for a more sustainable future. Read on to discover emerging brands who balance design integrity with giving back.


Rael founders: Aness An, Binna Won, Yanghee Paik

Rael is all about conscious and clean period care. They understand hormone cycles affect all aspects of your body and have heating patches to ease cramps, organic tampons, and skin care kits to focus on the confounding changes your complexion goes through. 

The Mission: Rael also partners with Happy Period to provide menstrual hygiene kits to anyone in Los Angeles who are homeless, low-income, and/or living in poverty, including LGBTQ+, non-binary, teens, veterans, and folks with disablities.⁠ 

Ordinary Habit

One of Ordinary Habit's artists, Holly Jolley, hard at work.

Ordinary Habit provides puzzles to satisfy your quarantine fatigue and impress your friends. They collaborate with artists, bringing landscapes teeming with intricate details and playful aesthetics to your living room table. If you aren’t ready to commit to a regular size puzzle, they’ve got minis too!

The Mission: Since the founders of Ordinary Habit believe mindfulness and meditation are a big part of the puzzle building experience, they give a portion of their proceeds to The Loveland Foundation. This nonprofit supports the emotional and mental wellness of Black communities and communities of color.

Emilia George

100% Sustainable Robe by Emilia George

Maternity and postpartum apparel for the fashion-forward woman. Coats, robes, dresses, and workwear to make you look your best and feel like you’re chilling in your favorite sweats. Bringing life into the world is already a momentous task - finding something cute to wear shouldn’t be. 

The Mission: Emilia George has sustainability woven into their DNA. A boatload of research went into their recycled fabric program to create pieces out of 100% recycled post-consumer goods. They also utilize the darling of eco-friendly materials, Tencel, which is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees and free of harsh chemicals.

Good Juju Ink

Good Juju Ink founders: Ryan Kissick, Juliana Tyson Kissick, and Marina Lieban.

Good Juju Ink creates stationary with whimsy and illustrated goods to inspire the warm fuzzies. Whether it’s a new baby, wedding shower, or just because, they’ve got what you need to spread positivity and good juju.

The Mission: Good Juju Ink gives a portion of all proceeds to three organizations close to their heart: Artist Relief, Black Futures Lab, and The Nature Conservancy. Through these donations, they are supporting creatives, Black communities, and the Earth.

Topo Designs

Light Pack by Topo Designs

Topo Designs wants to give you everything you need to climb mountains, hike trails, and carry the essentials with wherever you go. They’re uncomplicated and utilitarian, with a sense of design and style through simplicity: your new go-to gear.

The Mission: Topo Designs wants their products to last multiple lifetimes and through their repair program, they help you buy less and wander more. Ethical manufacturing and thoughtfully selected materials set them apart from traditional adventure retailers, promoting a cleaner future.


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