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Behind the Collab: Neighborhood Goods by The Arrivals

Written By: Jencey Keeton

Published on February 9, 2021

We have some news! Today, we're introducing (drumroll) a new exclusive collaboration with our friends at The Arrivals!

Neighborhood Goods by The Arrivals Vol. 1. is a limited release, celebrating community - created by friends - designed for all. Each piece fuses the clean, modern aesthetic of The Arrivals with the positive vibes of the Neighborhood Goods DNA.

(And there aren't many available of each color way. So, you know, don't miss out.)

The Collab

Whether you're wading through twenty inches of snow in the city or revamping your go-to Netflix uniform, this hoodie and jogger set delivers. Designed with a soft shape, the Co-Ed Hoodie is constructed from a custom developed 8.2oz CumulusKnit® fleece (that means it's really soft), has a slight drop shoulder, and a double layered hood to block out the world. Which we all need from time to time.

The Co-Ed jogger is (yep) made from the same soft fabric, with deep side pockets and a back patch pocket - perfect for leaving things to find later in the dryer.

In White: For those of you looking to shake up your wardrobe monotony, take the calculated risk of this dangerously pristine set.

Images captured by Addam Rodriguez, The Arrivals

In Black: If you're not as bold (or a huge fan of sriracha on the reg) this one's for you.

What Does That Say?

As a special touch on the release, we submit: the “A” Smiley. The Arrivals' interpretation of both logos led to a thoughtful recreation of our smiley icon, birthing a new smiley / "A" super logo. The design goes beyond a merging of our brands - it also represents the good vibes that went into the collaboration.

Those feel-good vibes also extend to this message printed on each piece.

Have a Good Day.

This garment was made with care. Inspired by community. Created by friends. Designed for all.

Grab a set at any of our store locations or online while you can. And Have a Good Day!

: )

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