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Behind the Brands: Active & Lifestyle

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on January 23, 2020

It’s happened, the athleisure lifestyle has taken over our wardrobes: leggings migrated into daily life and joggers evolved into a workday addiction. Transitioning from spreadsheets to sprints has never been easier, and while hiking a volcano at four in the morning or maxing out on a deadlift appeal to the rowdiest of athletes, most of us need encouragement to take baby steps. Something as simple as stretching can transform a routine 15 minutes into a self-care moment to hold space and release tension. We’ve gathered a group of brands that care about collective wellness and are underpinned by a desire to make fashion attainable, working out accessible, and loving your body easy. Welcome to the block party thrown by all of those self-care accounts you follow, and you’re invited.


  • Founder: Chris Molnar
  • HQ: New York City, New York
  • “We take the right things seriously and bring fun to the rest. We enjoy simplicity with an edge, being timeless but never boring, and working hard but playing hard too.” - Chris Molnar, Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Micro Terry Crew Sweatshirt

Hill City

  • Founder: Noah Palmer
  • HQ: San Francisco, California
  • “You’re not just an outdoorsman or just an athlete or just a guy with the job. You’re all those things, and maybe all of them at once… We felt like it was our job to thread those segments of the market together under one brand roof.” - Noah Palmer, Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Performance Sock

Mack Weldon

  • Founder: Brian Berger
  • HQ: New York City, New York
  • “We’ve taken the best of high-end workout gear and basically applied it to our everyday underwear that everyone wears underneath their suit or chino or jean on a daily basis.” - Brian Berger, Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: AIRKNIT x Trunk in Indigo Heather


  • Founder: David Wolfe
  • HQ: Los Angeles, California
  • “... we have design details that maybe harken more to like a craftsman focused brand than it does to your traditional athletic apparel brand. So, no big logos, a focus not so much on speed and low cost, but on quality and craftsmanship.” - David Wolfe, Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Convoy Henley

Rec Room

  • Founders: Dre Taylor Lindsay and Val Young
  • HQ: Los Angeles, California
  • “We focus on what you’re wearing so you can focus on what you’re doing. Rec Room is all-day, and all-purpose.” - The Rec Room Team
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Slip


  • Founders: Philip Lotko and Daniel Brix Hesselager
  • HQ: Egå, Denmark
  • “... The idea of merging design and style with an outdoor technical product [fascinates] us.” - Daniel Brix Hesselager, Co-Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Rain Jacket, Yellow

Topo Designs

  • Founders: Mark Hansen and Jedd Rose
  • HQ: Denver, Colorado
  • “We decided to build our stuff so you can run over to the park, or run over to the trail just out in the foothills of town and do a hike. And then you can walk back down, jump in your car or jump on your bike, and go out and have a beer after.” - Jedd Rose, Co-Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Topo Klettersack


  • SVP: Jamie Schisler
  • HQ: Columbus, Ohio
  • “Our customer lives an active lifestyle and our brand exists to provide comfort both for when they are on the go but also for the moments they retreat to the sanctuary of their home.” - Jamie Schisler, SVP
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Women’s Puffy Cord in California

The Arrivals

  • Founders: Jeff Johnson and Kal Vepuri
  • HQ: New York City, New York
  • “For us, the outerwear category feels like there's such a quiet space between pure function and driven outdoor brands, and on the other side, true fashion brands… to really own this white space that exists between design and true performance is great.” - Jeff Johnson, Co-Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Co Ed Team Hoodie

Wild One:

  • Founders: Minali Chatani, Veronica Becchetti, Adam Danker-Feldman, and Bill Wells
  • HQ: Brooklyn, New York
  • “I actually walked past a dog wearing their Wild One Harness in the East Village the other night and immediately thought ‘I wish I was wearing that.’ It’s like everyone's favorite fashionable, but comfortable top in their closet… The harness is like that comfy cool top for your pups and super functional for the human with multiple hook placements depending on your dogs walk style.” - Veronica Becchetti, Co-Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Leash


  • Founders: O​li Walsh​ and J​osh LeVine​
  • HQ: Venice, California
  • “Consistency is the key to success in so many things in life – and especially when it comes to health and wellness. There are rarely short cuts.” - Oli Walsh, Co-Founder
  • A Goods Team Favorite: Superhuman Supplements

Our bodies’ relationships with exercise can be complicated. The right clothes can help you uncover your inner strength and give you the confidence to explore new activities, like cycling or pilates. Thankfully, there’s meaning to your movement, whatever that may look like. At least, while you’re waiting to qualify for the Olympics, you can stand in line for a smoothie, looking like you’ve already won the gold medal.

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