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Behind the Brand: Uprise Art

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on July 17, 2020

Often, as we go about our lives, our notion of what constitutes “art” changes and evolves. One could argue some of our first private collections were made up of macaroni portraits and painted rocks. We’re grateful these crafts are still cherished by parents and grandparents, but eventually, we outgrew them and moved on to more sophisticated works, like band posters. When it comes to transitioning to an actual art collection for your home, it can all seem a bit daunting. 

Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art, realized how many barriers there were for new collectors to get into the game and few platforms for budding artists to get their work in front of the right people. Thus, the idea for Uprise Art was born.

Tze Chun, Founder of Uprise Art (photo by Uprise Art)

They serve as an online art gallery that helps you discover original contemporary artwork by emerging artists for the spaces where you live and work. Their team of in-house art advisors curate for individual collectors, corporate collections & architectural projects around the world.

We asked Tze to give us some tips for collecting and what she looks for in a compelling piece of art. 

How did your love of art curating and collecting begin?

I’ve been a visual and performing artist my whole life, and studied art history in college. I’ve spent the past thirteen years as an entrepreneur in the arts, founded Uprise Art in 2011, and have been building our artist roster and curating ever since.

Untitled AM by Inka Bell - $350

Inka, a Helsinki-based printmaker, uses minimal groupings of color and pattern to evoke specific states of being. Her palettes create visual narratives that are vaguely familiar, yet not immediately legible to the viewer.

What role does art play in your own home, and how would you describe your personal collection?

Art is a reflection of your interests, and a way for you to see the world from a different perspective. My personal collection is fairly eclectic in terms of medium and style, but one unifying element is that all the works really invite contemplation. Some pieces I've had for years and they still cause me to pause and reflect, and sometimes find something new within them.

Do you have any tips/rules/advice for beginning a personal art collection?

There are no rules! Just collect work that you love. There is too much good art out there to buy work just to fill a space. Artwork should move you.

Absent, Present I by Luckey Remington - $525

This LA-based mixed media artist has an incredible sense of color and creates chromatic harmonies within pieces and also across works, which explains why many people collect pairs or groupings.

Do you find that you approach collecting contemporary art differently than collecting classics?

It's important to support living artists, and especially emerging artists. Collecting work from an artist before they are established can create meaningful change in their careers. Of course, pricing is more affordable with emerging artists earlier on too.

When arranging and hanging art in the home, are there any rules/tricks/principles you follow?

Don't be too precious about where artwork goes. Often people stress about finding the perfect location, but moving artwork around and switching up placement is actually an easy way to change the feel of your home without having to buy anything new.

Idol by Dan Covert - $5,000

This work is made from oil stick and acrylic paint on canvas, and is created without masking so that the resulting piece is highly composed and at the same time playfully spontaneous.

Once you've collected prized pieces, how do you care for them?

You'll want to make sure pieces on paper are properly framed. All artwork from Uprise Art arrives ready to hang, so works on paper, such as photography, are custom framed using archival methods. Also, try to keep artwork out of direct sunlight (even if it's framed behind UV-filtering plexiglass, like the kind we use). Beyond that, having art on the wall is pretty much the safest place to store it!

Browse all of Uprise Art’s prints at Neighborhood Goods here or check them out at our South Congress location.

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