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Behind the Brand: Taylor and Tessier

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on May 28, 2020

Taylor and Adam Tessier focus on striking a balance between femininity and organic shapes in all of their handcrafted pieces. The married couple creates Taylor and Tessier jewelry in their studio that’s nestled in Aspen Valley and it’s easy to sense the fingerprints of each artist in every piece as they play off of each other’s temperament, manifesting in “an exciting balance of structure and whimsy.”

We wanted to give you a closer look at the artists behind the brand by sharing a conversation we recently had with Taylor Tessier. Get to know her method and learn about some of her favorite pieces they’ve created.

What is it like to own a company with your spouse?

We both bring different skill sets to the table—Adam is business savvy and I have the creative background. Together, we've grown our business from the ground up. Along the way we've had to learn how to communicate and collaborate with each other. While it has had its challenges at times, we would not have it any other way. It is the best feeling to hit these milestones together, such as creating new designs, completing a successful show, and nearly hitting our 10-year anniversary as a business. One of our favorite things is coming home at the end of the day and reflecting on our progress together, professionally and personally.

What is your favorite part about working together?

We truly love being on the road together, selling our one-of-a-kind work at different shows. All the places we travel to are so special and we love setting up, working with clients, seeing the response we get from new collections, and, at the end of the day, feeling a sense of creative success. A huge perk is getting to explore new cities—we absolutely love traveling.

Which material is your favorite to work with?

For me, gemstones all the way. I really believe in the power of stones, and that has always fascinated me. I think our use of raw gemstones really sets our line apart. One of my favorite events of the year is going to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show and hand picking each strand of stones for our new collections.

Adam loves leather. We source a lot of our leather from a tannery in Chicago in an old, funky warehouse. The endless aisles of shades and textures is like nothing else.

How do you seek inspiration for your pieces?

Our inspiration comes from the raw materials we use—sourcing our leathers from all over the world, touching each gemstone before we make a purchase, and then bringing all our finds back to our studio to create. We thrive off turning raw materials into fresh, new designs. That's when the real fun begins. Another inspiration for us is the annual Aspen Saturday Market that we participate in every summer. It's an opportunity for people to watch for different styles, trends, and colors, and for us to test all our new designs. We use the reactions and feedback from our customers to plan our next lines for our stores.

If you were to take a creative retreat, where would you go?

Hmmm ... So many places. I'd say on a sailboat lost at sea. We both are water babies, and there is no feeling like diving off the back of a boat into crystal clear water or sailing into different ports and meeting local artists. Something about a sailing adventure gets our creative vibes going big time.

What three Taylor and Tessier pieces do you recommend for warmer weather?

Lacey Bracelet - $205

I mix this piece with everything! It's one of my favorites.

Lynx Earrings - $144

I love wearing my hair in a low messy ponytail with these cool hoops and power stones.

Pandora Earrings - $108

Layer long or short and pair with every look.

Which Taschen book would live on your coffee table?

Cabins by Phillip Jodido - $70

Explore more of Taylor and Tessier’s pieces here.

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