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Behind the Brand: Hem

Throughout the evolution of mankind, we developed tools for building, climbed mountains, cultivated the land, and developed a keen appreciation for a good ottoman.

Finding furniture that’s functional and cool is a bit of a dying art and the living rooms in your IG feed create design FOMO without telling you where to direct your armchair-designer energy.

Don’t worry. 

Put your four story walkup in good hands– Hem is the answer.

If their pieces remind you of your last visit to the MoMA, it’s because artists, and not algorithms, are behind what they do. And, as a bonus, they exercise a responsible commitment to sustainability (read about the specifics here).

Their products aren’t just shapes to collect dust in your living room. They breathe atmosphere and look like a million bucks.

Check out some of the Hem latest innovations you can shop in-person at our Texas stores:

Rope Rug - $999

Designed by Pauline Deltour, the pattern of traditional Japanese tatami mats inspired the Rope Rug. Pauline took the classic weave and integrated rope to create a chunkier and more durable textile. It works as a holistic piece and detailed experience.

Hide Side Table - $299

Side table - meets tiny shelf - meets knick-knack holder. Made of steel and houses hidden wheels to move with your life. The Hide Pedestal comes from the mind of Cologne-based designer Karoline Fesser. Karoline explores nature, existing structures, and patterns as sourced for her inspiration.

Table Mortar - $139

Made from next-tier European marble, the Table Mortar implodes the concept of having tools that look like tools. It’s functional art. Berlin-based designer Mark Braun, uses influences from his youth, being a child of design collector and craft teacher, to influence his modern creations. 

Arch Throw - $179

Fashion designer Arthur Arbesser is known for his graphic prints which house embedded cues to his bright Vienna neighborhood. The Arch Throw is woven from New Zealand lambswool using traditional weaving techniques.

You can find Hem’s real life showrooms in our Legacy West and South Congress stores with all of these pieces (and more) waiting to be touched, sat on, inspected, and adopted into your life.