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Behind the Brand: Allswell

Written By: Matt Alexander

Published on December 2, 2018

Many of the brands who’ve helped us launch our debut Neighborhood Goods store have a focus on getting the essentials right. But what really is essential? Skipping up a few of those base layers of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a good night’s sleep has to be pretty high on that list, right? And so a great mattress has to be one of our top recommendations. Allswell is so confident about the quality of its mattresses that the company offers a 100-night risk-free trial. We’ve tried out that bed in the centre of our store and, as experiments go, that sounds like a pretty fun one to conduct.

We spoke to chief sleep experimenter and Allswell president Arlyn Davich about the company’s mission to make bedtime luxury accessible to all. “The brand name itself attempts to capture that feeling at the very end of the day: one of physical and emotional comfort, when the stars align and everything feels right with the world. That’s ‘Allswell’,” she explains.

This feeling is achieved thanks to technology. Whereas many mattress companies have opted for memory foam, Allswell has taken for hybrid approach, combining in-vogue memory foam with tried-and-tested coils. “They told us we couldn’t make a hybrid this exceptional at a price this accessible,” Arlyn says, “but that’s what fueled us to do it.” Unlike the springs of yore, Allswell’s coils are individually wrapped, which minimizes motion transfer. We’re not entirely sure what motion transfer is either, but it sounds like a good thing to avoid when you’re trying to sleep. “Very few companies offer this hybrid,” Arlyn says,” and we currently average 4.8 [out of 5] stars for customer reviews for The Allswell.” Sounds like they could be onto something with the whole foam-coil combination, then.

Arlyn goes on to explain that the team “takes loads of customer feedback into careful consideration before bringing a product to market, and are always striving to improve production efficiency so they can pass on those savings to the customer”. As a result of this work, Allswell was recently able to launch their newest hybrid mattress — The Allswell — at the disruptive price of $345 for a queen. “People would pay significantly more for it, but we’re making a bet that by offering such insane value, word-of-mouth will do our marketing for us.”

Arlyn explains that despite plenty of brands offering mattresses, and plenty of brands offering bedding, when customers are buying a new mattress, they very often want bedding that goes with it — and this observation comes from personal experience. “I’d recently upgraded my own bed from a queen to a king, and in order to get the look that I wanted, I had to go to about six different stores to get the right pillows and the right accent pillows,” she explains. “I thought: what a great idea, to give customers everything all in one place.” It was at that point that Arlyn and her team came up with the idea of the “bedscape” and to have influencers create different bedscapes for the Allswell brand. We love that term. We’ve been trying to incorporate it into everyday speech since we first read Allswell’s “about” page.

At the end of the day — literally, the end of the day — who can argue with an über-comfortable mattress at a great price with easy-to-accessorize options ready to go? Arlyn says that Allswell’s mission is to offer accessible luxury to everyone, and in our minds, a great night’s sleep is about the highest luxury out there. So come and conduct the experiment for yourself in our Plano, TX, store — or head over to to buy them online.

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