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Spa Day at Home with Olive + M and Miniluxe

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on April 27, 2020

Everyone needs some TLC and we wanted to give you some ideas for how to have a luxurious spa day at home. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to use Olive + M’s olive oil best skincare products and the secrets to the at home manicure from our friends at Miniluxe.

In the name of sustainability and stay-at-home spa vibes, we asked Olive + M’s founder, Mariska, to show us how to utilize a skincare routine with their olive oil and plant-based goods. When she set out to create skincare products, Mariska knew that clean, effective, earth-friendly ingredients were the name of the game. Olive + M is careful to sustainably source their plant-based oils, ensuring they are top tier in quality, with a low impact on the environment.

What you will need:

Cleansing Oil - This multitasking, anti-inflammatory formula clears congested skin of dirt and bacteria, combats environmental toxins, removes makeup and sunscreen, acts as a shave oil reducing ingrown hairs and skin irritations and fights the bacteria that cause breakouts.

Face Polish- This mineral sea salt formula gently exfoliates the skin removing that unwanted layer of dead skin cells while pulling impurities to the surface without any harsh stripping.

Face Oil - Packed with natural plant based oils and botanical extracts that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, omegas and amino acids this light weight formula will renew and repair leaving your skin feeling radiant soft and glowing. Contains notes of rosehip.

Eye Serum - This delivers deep nourishing hydration and increased elasticity in the delicate eye area while preventing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Contains notes of neroli and cucumber.

Shimmer + Glow Body Oil - A lightweight formula that illuminates your skin with natural minerals to provide a subtle shimmer. Contains notes of jasmine flower, sweet orange, and patchouli.

Now for the fun part:

Step 1: Wet a washcloth with warm water to open the pores on your face.

Step 2: Use the four pumps of Cleansing Oil to break down any dirt on your face, massaging it around your face for 60 seconds, then remove the oil with a wet, warm washcloth

Step 3: If you want to double cleanse, use the Face Polish for some exfoliation action. Remove with a warm washcloth

Step 4: Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Step 5: Apply several drops of Face Oil and rub all around your face and neck.

Step 6: Follow with two drops of Eye Serum (a little goes a long way!) around your eyes

Step 7: Finish by applying Shimmer + Glow Body Oil on your collarbone, arms, cheeks, and a little in your hair.

And there you have it! An effortless glow that’s good for your skin and the environment. Be sure to check out the rest of the Olive + M goods and keep being kind to Mother Nature.

Now that you are fresh-faced and glowing, it’s time to give your nails some love too. Miniluxe is one of the brands that’s changing the game in nail care because of their high quality ingredients and non-toxic policy. Janelle, from Miniluxe, dropped into our Instagram stories to show us how to have a top-notch, good-for-you manicure.

Step 1: Cut down your nails to the size and shape that you want them to be

Step 2: File your nails to smooth any sharp edges and shape them a bit more

Step 3: Soften your cuticles, you can do this by soaking your fingers in warm water

Step 4: Apply Nourishing Oil to your cuticles and the base of the nails. This is made out of essential oils and works to strengthen your nails and extend the length of your manicure.

Step 5: Remove any residual oil with a cotton pad

Step 6: Paint a base coat and let it dry

Step 7: Finish with a topcoat 

Who knew spa days at home could be that relaxing? To make it even easier on yourself, Miniluxe has a Treatment Kit that includes a Nourishing Oil, a Base Coat and Top Coat, to keep your nails looking fresh.

Here are some more suggestions for enhancing your spa day:

Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque - $40

A clarifying, clay-based formulation that cleanses skin of residual impurities, decongests and refreshes while delivering replenishing vegetable oils.

Colleen Rothschild Honey Vanilla Body Butter - $38

In this body butter, Brazilian Murumuru and Bacuri Butters are combined with five nutrient-dense exotic oils to melt into the skin and lock in moisture.

 Maude bath - $18

Hydrating coconut milk bath that promotes body detoxification. 

Hetime Revitalizing & Hydrating Face Mask - $8

This mask is made out of biodegradable cellulose fiber and formulated with moringa, cedarwood and baobab to leave skin looking wide awake and hydrated.

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