An all new web experience

An all new web experience

Written By: Matt Alexander

Published on November 19, 2021

Earlier this week, we quietly launched an all-new version of our website. (The one you’re on right now!)

With the launch, we’re also more formally unveiling our new brand identity evolution, which has been trickling out piece by piece in recent weeks.

On the website, there are a few big new features:

  • An all-new design, focused on emphasizing more of our curatorial philosophy
  • The introduction of brand values — female-founded, BIPOC-founded, sustainable, and the like — and the ability to shop on that basis*
  • Genderless shopping by default, alongside much, much simpler categorical navigation
  • A new implementation for — and emphasis around — our curated collections and Themes
  • A new brand repository, consolidating brands across The Commons, Marketplace, our stores, and otherwise
  • Emphasis around — and energy toward — our loyalty program, Neighborhood Perks*
  • All new search, allowing you to surface products, brands, collections, and articles in a more organized way*

* One or two features will be rolling out over the next few days ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about Neighborhood Goods, you would’ve heard me nauseatingly repeat a few key points over the years.

One of them is that we believe in allowing the consumer to dictate their own terms as to how they shop with us. Another is that we believe our most critical edge with our stores is the sum of all the strategic, quantitative, and business decisions we’ve made behind the scenes: the feeling inside the spaces.

With this new site, we continue to emphasize the former. Between store pickup, same-day delivery, and quick, easy domestic delivery, we’ve got you covered for all your basic shopping needs. And, of course, with the refreshed design and perspective, we feel it only serves to add more and more to help you make those decisions on your own terms.

And, for the latter, we’ve brought more of the storytelling and design-driven experience we're known for in our stores to our digital platform. Amongst other things, you’ll see quotes from our team about why they were driven toward a brand, as well as the value systems underlying those brands that we appreciate.

We’re proud to have partnered with Zero for help with both the brand overhaul and the new site. They’ve done exceptional work and we’re looking forward to continuing the collaboration.

And we’ll have more to share on the branding updates over the coming days. In the meantime, pardon a little bit of mess while we continue to get everything polished.


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