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A Day with Alex Crane

Recently, Alex Crane, and his clothing brand of the same name, took over our Instagram to show us what a day in the life of an easy-going founder looks like. Alex Crane specializes in breezy linen clothes that make you look snappy and feel relaxed. What we love about this brand is the instant cool-guy effect that comes with their laidback fit and playful colors. Their clothes give the impression that you know where to find the best $1 slice of pizza, you discover all of the good bands before they get big (and probably play in one too), and you make everyone feel at ease when they’re around you. The brand’s founder, Alex, is the personification of the effortless chill that the brand exudes. He let us tag along with him as he and his wife Caroline toured a farmers’ market, road-tripped to the beach, and watched the pinky haze of the sun slip below the Manhattan skyline.

We join Alex as he begins his day at Fort Greene Farmers' Market, in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. Sporting a bandana and tote in hand, Alex wears a Playa Shirt and Cham Pants for his stroll in the park. The tones of his clothing would make any color theory enthusiast swoon, with the natural harmonies of navy and muted but playful colors often used in Alex Crane’s pieces.

His wandering in the park eventually led him to a flower vendor, parked along the sidewalk, selling irises. After purchasing some to brighten up their apartment, Alex and his wife took a road trip to the beach.

After a quick wardrobe change, he throws on some Bo Shorts fit for playing on the beach and chasing the waves. (Check out the exact style of Playa Shirt and Bo Shorts.)

If this day was a music video, Alex says it would be set to Moonstone by Cones (we couldn’t agree more). If you’re curious about his beach towel, it’s from his wife Caroline’s home textiles brand that you should take a look at.

After soaking up the sun, the Cranes head home to catch a sunset on the roof. Alex has thrown on a Kite Jacket to match his Cham Pants, which he describes as “equal parts city and beach, day and night. They make you feel breezy and look sharp.”

Thanks, Alex, for the adventure! We wish that all of our days could be as idyllic as this.

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