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A Year of Stories: Spotlights

Written By: Matt Alexander

Published on November 13, 2019

We’ve always talked about building a community with Neighborhood Goods. And, reflecting on the past year, it’s clear that we’ve certainly been doing so, one step at a time, with an incredible group of thoughtful, progressive, and exciting people in Dallas, Plano, and beyond.

We’ve decided it’s time to introduce an annual tradition to coincide with the anniversary of our first store opening. Rather than focusing on what we did this year, we’d like to focus on you. We’re going to celebrate the people who’ve helped, challenged, and inspired us over the past year.

We call it "A Year of Stories." In brief, in October, we reached out to a (highly incomplete) group of people asking for two things:

A portrait. (Either taken today or a particularly memorable photo from the past year.)
A story. (A meaningful one from the past year.)

Today, we’re going to begin sharing those stories at @ayearofstories, and some snippets right here as well.

And, this evening, we’ll be displaying those portraits and stories around the store at Legacy West in Plano. The event is open to the public — no RSVP required — and will feature complimentary drinks and bites from our menu at Prim and Proper, live music, and entertainment.

We hope you’ll join us to reflect on the past year, as well as celebrating some fantastic people and stories.

Aishwarya's the founder of one of our brands, Brightland, a line of hand-sourced, custom-blended California olive oil.
"We have one, short, beautiful, messy life to live, and I want to live it as passionately and deeply as possible."


A Dallas-based DJ you can find spinning the hottest parties.
"Whether it’s a big city or back to nature, find somewhere that makes you feel free."


Sharp-witted style editor at D Magazine.
"This is a rare photo of me in motion. It’s also how I feel on the inside when I’m buried in a chair with coffee and a laptop (or watching Bravo)."


The founder of our digital ad agency and former office neighbor!
"This picture celebrates my 10-year journey from idea to fruition. My beard is speckled with grays now, but wouldn’t have it any other way."


The founder of one of our beauty brands, Skylar, a line of non-toxic and hypoallergenic fragrances.
"So much changes when you become a mother. Things that never crossed my mind, overnight, became a huge priority for me."


Designer at Tractorbeam, the Dallas-based branding agency behind the look and feel of Neighborhood Goods.
"Finally bought a gaming headset this summer. Now I can talk to my friends without leaving my apartment. Looking forward to whatever quality of life improvements 2020 brings."


Colleen, the founder of one of our longest-standing beauty brands, Colleen Rothschild Beauty. We're lucky to have her since the beginning!
She chose a photo with her daughter as one of her most memorable moments.
"She’s very creative, extremely driven, and a very hard worker. I know one day we will see her name in lights. "

GroundUp Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm and one of our biggest supporters from the very beginning. Here's a moment Cory, the General Partner, shared right before walking down the aisle at his brother's wedding.


David is also a General Partner at GroundUp Ventures and he shared perhaps one of the sweetest photos we've received with his third child (and first girl!)

"I had to be away from her for the entire week while I was traveling on business. This was the moment of our reunion."

David, Partner, and Lance, Principal, of Droese Raney Architecture. They took our approach to retail and made it come to life for our customers to experience brands and their products IRL.
They quoted Frank Lloyd Wright–
"We create our buildings and then they create us. Likewise, we construct our circle of friends and our communities and then they construct us." - Frank Lloyd Wrigh


Partner at Global Founders Capital and one of our board members.
In this picture he shared with us, he "witnessed the power of working with the best people to achieve an audacious vision while doing hard things each day when no one was watching."


Project Designer at Droese Raney Architecture.
"This photo is taken at DRA world headquarters where we work to create meaningful and thoughtful design solutions for our clients. As Stephen Gardiner (a British architect) puts it: “Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design.”


The super-talented photographer responsible for our witty launch campaign photography and the photos on our first billboards.

"For creatives, I think it’s important to sometimes stop and do nothing and for me, it ideally includes coffee and Sweden."


The creative mind behind the brand, By Way of Dallas, and one of our most memorable collaborations.
"I've always said, 'Dallas is getting better and getting worse, at the same time.' And as positive I am about our community a lot of things still remind me that we need change."


The ladies behind the beautiful greenery displayed around our Plano store and in our HQ office! Oasis Plant Shop is a haven of greenery based in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas.
"The simplicity of writing on an old piece of wood to announce our opening rings true to the heart behind our plant shop. We’re real, we’re growing, and we still have a super cool plant shop!"


The CEO behind one of our beauty brands, Paintbox, New York's cult-favorite manicure, and nail art studio.
"Through all the chaos of growing a company like Paintbox (from launching our own product line and E-commerce business to our second studio), my kids remind me why it's so important to love what you do and for whom it's all for."


Jordan is the Investor and Head of Platform of GroundUp, our previously mentioned early-stage investor.
"Moments like these create everlasting memories. Too often we get caught up in chasing the next big thing when we forget that the present is pretty magical too."


You might recognize Kyle's art around town and at the bar at our in-store restaurant, Prim and Proper. He's a renowned Dallas-based muralist with a story to tell.
"This photo was taken in San Francisco at VSCO offices by my good friend, and painter, Joonbug."


The Co-Founder and President of AZIONE PR, our public relations agency who has been with us since the beginning to help give a voice to our brand.
"It sounds obvious, but by adding one of the biggest jobs to my plate that I’ve ever had, I actually became better at taking care of myself."


The Creative Director of Tractorbeam, on location at their new warehouse facilities.
"Picked up a shift cleaning warehouses."


The Co-Founder and President of Pure Cycles, one of the largest distributors of lifestyle bicycles in the United States and one of our brands.
This is a photo of him on one of the company's bike packing trips where "everyone brought their tent, sleeping bag, spare clothes, food, etc. on their bikes which made our bikes around ~70 pounds. It was a grueling day (~5 hours of riding) but it was great team bonding and very relaxing to be in nature."


Senior Project Manager at Tractorbeam.
One of her most memorable moments this past year was when our founder and CEO (her former intern!) walked in the doors of Tractorbeam to talk branding for this new department store concept. One year later and here we are...


Miriam is one of the Gals behind Flower Gals, a Dallas-based floral company, who has gathered many people to the store for their workshops or pop-up shops.
"All of my favorite moments and memories from this past year involve my family and friends. And more often than not...a great glass of wine. "


Nichole's the vibrant founder behind one of our wellness brands, Kinfield.
"I spent days on a remote island in Indonesia with our supplier, learning about citronella and how it was grown, harvested, and processed into the incredible oil that we work with today. The entire experience was thrilling, motivating, and... terrifying."


Nick is a Dallas-based lifestyle and fashion photographer and one of the sweetest souls we've ever worked with. This picture is a representation of survival from a sudden sickness.
"I not only survived but was able to bounce back stronger than I’ve ever been thanks to my doctors, my trainer, my friends, and family."


The Principal of Forerunner, an early-stage VC firm, and someone who has believed in Neighborhood Goods from the start.
"This day was, admittedly, an indulgent extension of the best part of my job as an early stage investor: working with entrepreneurs on the cusp of their journeys."


The Founder of Bait Apparel Industries, a production house offering private label and the makers of our store team's uniforms!
"Learning to appreciate time in a whole new way really has brought so much presence to my life. Everyday is truly a blessing you cannot take for granted."


The majorly talented DJ known as Ursa Minor who knows all the right jams to get us pumped up for any event.
"Waking up every day with gratitude is like your favorite song on repeat while you eat your favorite meal with your favorite people."


You can thank Rob for the bold art you see on the walls of Neighborhood Goods. His playful patterns and illustrations make us smile every time we walk by them.
"I’m from a multi-generational West Texas family, and had lived in Dallas for a long time, so picking up my life and hauling it halfway across the country was a big change."


The mega-talented illustrator behind our newest in-store restaurant, Tiny Feast, coming soon to Chelsea Market!
"When I think about the times when I’ve been most at peace in my life, I recall experiences of stillness."


The other half of the Flower Gals.
"There is something so magical and heart-melting about best friends find their people, and you both get to witness and experience and hear about pure happiness and joy."


One of our Neighbors and supporters and Co-Founder of Her HQ, a local co-working space for women.
"When you love what you do, why you do it, who you do it with and who you do it for - that’s what creates that feeling in the pit of my stomach, the one that confirms that I’ve made the right decision."


The Co-Founder of one of our jewelry brands, All The Wire. She submitted a photo taken with her dad on his 90th birthday.
"I see this picture and remember the mountaintop and see the life Dad has lived. He’s trekked and never given up regardless of what life threw at him. His faith never wavered and he did life with a smile."


One of our Neighbors and founder of Alto, a company redefining ride-sharing.
"If I've learned anything over the past year, it's that starting (my first) business comes with a lot of highs and a lot of lows, and sometimes these happen remarkably close to one another."

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