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A New Look with Raven + Lily

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on September 16, 2021

Now is the time for new. 

New seasons. New looks. New routines.

One could argue that with the amount of change we all experience in the fall – school begins, people move, jobs change – that it’s really September when a new year begins.

Raven + Lily, a favorite at our South Congress location, put a lot of thought into what their new Fall ‘21 collection would look like and the way they want it to resonate with their audience. We are all in a constant state of flux and agitation, and where Raven + Lily want to interject is to advocate for peace and wellbeing. To create space for a healthier state of mind. We had the following conversation about their inspiration behind some of their avant-garde pieces in their newest collection which you can shop in-person at Neighborhood Goods in Austin.

Can you tell us the origin story behind one of your new products?

“When designing a new Day [bag], we wanted to create a thoughtful companion to help you navigate any and every day. It needed to be spacious enough to aid with errands, yet light enough that it wouldn't wear you down -- you'll notice the lack of hardware for this style. We kept the signature Day front pocket for easy access to essentials but expanded the body of our favorite family into the ultimate functional style of the Day Hobo. We love how the lightweight leather and crescent, casual shape accentuates the aim for this bag: adaptable and easygoing.”

Day Hobo - $295 

If the Fall '21 line was a person, what would their ideal day look like?

“The season is represented by the comfort of turning in, focusing our here and now, and finding contentment in natural and quiet surroundings. 

They are someone who enjoys quietly starting their day with a long morning walk to their favorite coffee shop, catching up on The Daily and POOG podcasts. Happy traveling solo, with only their Day Flap Crossbody as their companion for easy transport.  

Day Mini Flap Crossbody Bag - $250

When they're ready to tackle the day, they remain in good company with her Ellsworth Circle Earrings, paired with their favorite white tee and vintage jeans for a stop at the favorite  Ellsworth Kelly installation. Afterwards, wanting to indulge in nature, she sits in a nearby park, reading leisurely and contemplating their surroundings.  

Ellsworth Circle Worth Mismatched Stud - $105

Once home, they enjoy a simple cocktail, taking in the light/view of their backyard before indulging in a long and winding dinner in the company of their loved ones. These moments of self serve to quiet their brain in order to focus on the here and now of what we can control and releasing what we cannot.

What elements of nature inspired this new line?

"A vast bouquet of natural elements inspired our Fall ‘21 line. First is our Cactus Flower colorway, our brightest shade of pink that contains both the power of red and the introspective, quiet energy of violet. Based on the vibrant blooms of tough cacti, this colorway adds a softer touch to the strong exterior of our handbags; it suggests that it is possible not only to survive in any environment but also to thrive. 

Mara Pouch - $110

Other natural elements shine through in the vibrant greens in our handblown, recycled Anselm glassware from Kenya to the warm olive wood of our Round Tray Duo, we are constantly reminded that Nature is the best designer, and provides the best backdrop for any experience.”

Round Tray Duo - $140

What is a must-have from the Fall '21 line for cooler weather?

“The Addis Backpack, available in our classic Cuoio and Inca Gold, is your best friend for Fall activities. Yours to take on a leisurely bike ride, it's roomy enough to store your essentials plus a sweater to block out the chill once you've arrived at your destination. Addis is also a great companion when temperatures drop further, as her straps adjust to fit over all your winter layers without adding clumsy bulk.”

Addis Backpack - $198

Shop all Raven + Lily products online or at our South Congress location.

"In with the new" – right?

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