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A Guide to Gifts that Give Back

Written By: Devin Williams-McCrary

Published on December 15, 2020

Shopping for the hard-to-shop-for is the annual dilemma we find ourselves in at this time of year. People have become more conscious of the impact their purchases have and the mission behind the brands they support. We’ve taken time to research and track down the brands who are doing their part to make the world a better place, either by increasing sustainability measures or giving to nonprofits - helping the planet and humans!

Helping the Planet

Act + Acre 

Hair Cleanse - $28

Along with their recycled bottles and their partnership with community-scale projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Act + Acre holds to sustainability as one of the most important aspects of their brand. 

Branch Basics

Starter Kit + Oxygen Boost - $69

Brand Basics is women-owned and creates non-toxic cleaning products with the earth in mind. Plant and mineral-based cleaning products delivered in reusable bottles - Human-safe, powerful, and free of harmful preservatives. 

Isle de Nature

Pagua Bay Beeswax Candle - $125

Non-toxic candles that are made as sustainable as possible, while protecting our essential bee population. They use pure Dominican beeswax and blend it with sustainable soy wax and coconut oil then add high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance oil to create a slow-burning, high throw, clean blend for you to enjoy.


Playhard Heroes #3 - $18

Once-Kids products are made from environmentally friendly wood, biodegradable, and a renewable resource. They also partner with Ocean Conservancy to clean up plastic from our oceans as well as donating 1% of their total sales to Trash Free Seas Alliance®.


Rucksack in Beige - $95

Could rain jackets be the new superhero capes? In our eyes, Rains comes pretty darn close to making that leap: “We cannot save the world alone, but we are confident that our efforts can contribute.” Rains seeks transparency and accountability with extensive policy commitments and responsibility reports covering how they uphold UN guidelines on business, human rights, and environmental impact. 


Winter Scent - $22

Siblings is our favorite DIY candle brand because of their mission to tackle throwaway culture. Choose any empty vessel in your home, maybe a mason jar or ceramic bowl, pour wax from their plant-based bag, and give your things a new life.


Melvin Black Messanger Bag - $159

Svenklas partners with GiveInda to plant Moringa trees which absorb carbon dioxide at a rate 20 times higher than any other tree. With clean energy-powered manufacturing, no toxic chemicals, and plant based natural materials, these bags will help you reach your destination with a minimal carbon footprint.

Tact & Stone

Joshua Upcycled Pocket Tee - $55

Tact & Stone is 100% committed to sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing. One way they do this is by innovating sustainability into fashion with high recycled cotton content and being the first to put recycled cotton yarn into a weave. Oh, and they'll never use conventional GMO cotton, polyester, or other synthetics - even in small quantities.

Thousand Fell

Men's Lace Up - $120

Thousand Fell are recyclable sneakers designed to never end up in a landfill. Each pair combines thoughtful design with modern and sustainably sourced materials, like aloe vera, coconut husk, and recycled plastic bottle, making them durable and comfortable. Their goods are made to last– and built to recycle.

Topo Designs

Moab Tee - $19

Topo Designs keep their eyes on durability because the less stuff you buy, the less stuff you throw away. High quality organic cotton, versatile designs, and built for the longest life span possible, these goods are made to go with you. Topo Designs also has a Repair, Don't Replace program, so you can hold onto your beloved bag and be kind to the earth.

Helping Humans

Kinn Home

Set of 6 Large Jade Glasses - $84

Kinn Home gives back every year by partnering with the United Nations World Food Program, to fight global hunger. All their returned samples go on sale to raise funding for families in need at the end of each year. Also, all profits from their  Conversation Cards go to the United Nations World Food Programme’s Zero Hunger Initiative.


Glow Chemistry Kit - $68

Rael is female-founded and utilizes organic cotton period care, everyday feminine hygiene essentials, and skincare products specially formulated for hormonal changes throughout the month. They're working to make period care accessible by partnering with Happy Period to support Los Angeles-based people who are experiencing homelessness, low-income, and/or living in poverty by providing them with menstrual hygiene kits.


The Ella Flat in Snakeskin - $150

Seecaas has their own foundation, Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation. The purpose of this is to assist and support the financial barrier by providing grants to people who choose to grow their families through the adoption process.

Helping the World

Raven + Lily

Addis Slim Wallet - $88

The creatives behind Raven + Lily, are passionate about the quality and integrity of the accessories in their collections, as well as the earth-friendly manufacturing procedures and humane treatment of everyone involved - from the drafting table to the sewing machine. All of their products are handmade by artisan women employed under fair trade standards around the world.

Wild One

Bowl - $25

In addition to focusing on making quality pet essentials, Wild One is impact-driven, contributing a portion of proceeds from every purchase to sponsor the Rescue Dog of the Week in partnership with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

If you want to discover more products from brands like these, explore our Gifts the Give Back guide online, shop in-store, grab some gift cards, or order for curbside pickup. We're here for your last minute gifts and holiday cheer!

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