Out Of Office: Summer Monday

Summer is nearing an end, but we’re soaking up every last ounce of it that we can get, which is why we’re taking this Monday off. 

Some of us may be exploring our local cities, while others are getting lost outdoors (or in Netflix series). Regardless of whichever form of self care our team is doing, they won’t be available until Tuesday.

GOOD NEWS: Before we completely sign out, we wanted to pass along some of our favorite things to do around our Neighborhoods.

Dallas - Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Arboretum, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Bishop Arts (some of our partners from The Commons can be found here!)

Austin - Barton Creek Greenbelt, The Picnic (come on, who doesn’t love food trucks?!), Lady Bird Trail, Austin Scavenger Hunt

NYC - The High Line, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Strand Book Store, New York Botanical Garden 

There are many, many other excellent places around our favorite cities, so don’t forget to schedule yourself some OOO time to discover them!

Signing off until next time (next time meaning Tuesday, because we will be back tomorrow).

*Vacation Responder On*