maybe you should subscribe

Most newsletters aren't worth subscribing to (except for ours) and, coming from someone who currently has 172 unread texts and ~7,000 unopened emails, it's a big deal if I offer up my info to get even more notifications for things that need to be opened.

So, when I say that the Passerbuys newsletter is totally worth your time, it's what scientists would call an exceptional anomaly.

With every email, I may be dragging myself to open it but I know I'll unearth some incredible finds which will inspire how I interact with the world and observe trends.

It's like receiving a love letter from from the omnipotent gods of cultural curation.

In this most recent send, it included a guide to hosting dinner parties, a list of underrated parks in NYC, LA, and Chicago, and a closed loop beverage company called Lark.

It's heart-warming, if not a wee pretentious, and I'm a big enough person to know that is the space I like to exist in.