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five of our brands as abba songs

Plain and simple - here's five brands I think give off ABBA energy and probably would be shopped by our Swedish neighbors, themselves.

1. Bluejay Bikes - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Imagine furiously peddling through the rain slicked city streets searching for your mysterious Midnight Man. On an electric bike. 


2. Emory Bee - Winner Takes It All

Emory Bee pieces were made for power ballads and riding a horse in slow motion over the dunes.


3. Illesteva - Super Trouper

If the lights are gonna blind you, better wear shades.

4. Kinn - Slipping Through My Fingers

She's slipping through your fingers but you know what's on those fingers? Fancy rings. A bit on the nose but definitely ABBA energy.


5. Emilia George - Mama Mia

Maternity wear that'll make you want to dance like Meryl Streep in overalls on a rooftop.